Glass Sheet Kitchen Backsplash vs. Glass Tile Backsplash: How to Choose

You’ve already made some key decisions for your home renovation project. You know you want a backsplash, and it should be made of glass, but you haven’t gotten further than that. Picking between a glass sheet kitchen backsplash or a glass tile backsplash has been a difficult choice to make. Which is the right option for you?

In this post, we’ll share some pros and cons of each that will make deciding easier.

What is a Glass Sheet Kitchen Backsplash?

Your first option is a glass sheet kitchen backsplash. This is characterized as one seamless piece of glass that starts at the wall and continues to your countertop. You can see an example of what we mean here.

What Is a Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash?

Compare that to a glass tile kitchen backsplash, in which multiple pieces of glass are assembled into one backsplash. These may be attached to one another or installed as single pieces. Here’s a visual example of a glass tile backsplash.

Glass Sheet Backsplash Pros and Cons

If the glass sheet backsplash jumped out at you more, what are the pros and cons? We’ll start with the benefits. This backsplash has a seamless, classic look that adds to the aesthetics of any kitchen. If you like to customize your glass accent items, as you can at CBD Glass, you have a lot of surface area for backpainting, texturing, LED illumination, and the like.

This glass is thick, another advantage, which makes it quite durable. Getting a glass sheet backsplash installed is also a quick way to makeover most of your kitchen without too many sweeping changes.

That said, if you already have a kitchen countertop you’re particularly fond of, the full sheet look of the glass backsplash will clash with that.

Glass Tile Kitchen Pros and Cons

Glass tiles have their perks and downsides as well. Once again beginning with the good stuff, you get a huge degree of customization with your glass tile backsplash. You can determine how many tiles are used, their shape and size, and how they’re arranged into your backsplash. With CBD’s customization options like backpainting and textures, you can create your own little work of art for your kitchen.

A glass tile backsplash is also quite versatile. If you only need a little bit of surface area covered, then order a tinier backsplash. If you want the whole wall to be protected, you can stack up on tiles until they’re large enough.

Some homeowners might find these countertops harder to clean than a glass sheet backsplash, which is one downside.

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Both glass sheet and glass tile kitchen backsplashes are fantastic options for your home. Even their downsides are surmountable. It takes a bit more effort to clean glass tiles, but they still wipe up easily with dish soap and water. Plus, with CBD Glass’ great glass countertops, you might want to upgrade anyway.

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