Can You Roll Dough on Glass Countertops?  

You love making homemade goodies such as bread, pizza, cookies, and pastries. To you, these foods always taste so much better when they’re made from scratch because you can select high-quality ingredients. Plus, you know that what you’re making is free of preservatives, and that’s an excellent feeling.

You’re always using your countertops to roll out your latest doughy creation. After some years, you’ve decided to retire your current kitchen counters and buy a new set. One consideration you’re thinking of is how dough-friendly your next counter material will be.

Can you roll dough on glass countertops?

Kitchen glass island

Certainly, you can!

One of the concerns that home bakers have when rolling dough on the counter is accidentally damaging their counter with a heavy rolling pin. You would hate to dent a metal counter or even crack some delicate counter materials.

Glass might look delicate, but the glass that’s used to make your countertop is not the same glass that goes into a mirror. At CBD Glass, a custom glass accent item manufacturer, our glass is built thick so it can withstand everyday use in the kitchen.

You can select just how thick you want the glass to be so you’re personally assured of its durability.

Using a rolling pin, even a heavier metal one, is not going to damage the glass. You still want to treat your countertops with respect, as you would with any countertop material, but glass can stand up to a lot of wear and tear!

Another risk of rolling out dough on a countertop is that you could potentially stain it. That’s right, unsealed counters could become discolored or stained from the fat in your dough. That means that stone countertops are especially prone to this kind of damage.

glass kitchen island

When you consider how costly a stone counter is, the last thing you want to do is ruin it. You might have opted not to get your stone counters sealed to save some money, but that decision can come back to bite you later.

Glass is nonporous. What does this mean? Its pores do not absorb materials such as fats in dough. You cannot stain the glass using dough. Other kitchen spills such as oil, sauce, chocolate, and alcohol that can usually wreck some materials are also not going to stain a glass countertop.

We can’t think of a kitchen counter material that’s friendlier for home bakers and chefs than glass. It takes temperatures up to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit to melt glass, so even if you put a hot pan or tray on the counter, it won’t melt.

A glass countertop also cleans exceptionally easily once you’re done using it. You can use a soft microfiber cloth, a few dollops of dish soap, and water to clean the flour residue and dough stickiness from your counter.

Then you can dry the glass counter with a soft cloth. We only recommend rubbing in the same direction when drying as you did when cleaning to ensure you get a streak-free shine!

If you want to explore your glass countertop options, contact our team at CBD Glass. When you work with us, you can customize every facet of your counter, from its shape to the texture.