You Can Count on CBD Glass for New Mirrors

A mirror is anything but just a mirror. Sure, you probably use this item to check your reflection before you leave for work or after a long day, but mirrors can do so much more than just show yourself back to you.

Here at CBD Glass, we’re often busy replacing mirrors in our clients’ homes. That’s because whether it’s a bathroom, a hallway, a bedroom, or any other space in the house, many clients love how transformed the room looks when we’re done.

What do we mean by that? Framed or unframed, custom-designed or simple, our mirrors are about to beautify your home in a major way. Here’s how.

Mirrors Add Some Pizzazz to an Otherwise Boring Bathroom

Be honest, what do you really think of your bathroom? Are you kind of, well, bored by it? It’s okay to admit you are. You may have been thinking more about simplicity when you bought your home, but years later, you’d love to do something different with your bathroom. You just wish it was in the budget.

Why not try adding a mirror from CBD Glass in the bathroom first? If you get one that’s custom-designed, you’ll love your bathroom a whole lot more. Here at CBD, we let you customize all parts of your mirror, including its shape, size, and frame.

You should enjoy spending time in your bathroom since it’s supposed to be such a relaxing place. A new mirror could be exactly what you needed.

Mirrors Can Improve the Lighting in Your Home

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the brightest home of all? The answer could be you!

With some strategically-placed mirrors, it’s possible for the light to hit the mirror and reflect back into the room. This brightens up your room without you having to spring for extra lighting. You can say goodbye to that high electricity bill!

Mirrors May Cover up Problem Areas

Don’t we all wish we had the time to repaint the walls or fix that peeling area of wallpaper? Sure, but there’s just not enough hours in the day. You’re busy all week with work, and once the weekend rolls around, a home improvement project may be the last thing you want to tackle.

Until you can cut down on what’s on your to-do list, a mirror can help. You can position an ornate, decorative one in the center of a room so that outdated paint job isn’t so noticeable. If you want, you can also get a mirror installed to cover that sagging wallpaper. Your home looks better already!

We hope the above reasons convinced you to consider getting mirrors from CBD Glass for your home. From boring bathrooms to dark living rooms and everything in between, you can make your house look even better with a new set of mirrors.

If you’re ready to begin customizing your own mirrors with us, you can fill out an online form via our website. You can also give us a call at 1-855-872-4223.