Why is the Durability of Glass Countertops Often Underestimated?

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Why Is Glass Undermined as a Countertop Material?

We deal with so much glass in our day-to-day lives, from the glass cover that protects your smartphone to mirrors, windshields, and windows. If you’ve ever accidentally thrown a ball through a window as a kid or dropped your phone and watched its glass face shatter, you can believe that’s how glass is.

Yet that’s not all types of glass. Think of your windshield, for example. It’s tempered glass, whereas a window is made of annealed glass. 

Here’s the difference. Annealed glass is somewhat soft (well, it feels hard, but compared to tempered glass, it’s soft), whereas tempered glass has at least five times the strength. It can handle higher temperatures and more physical pressure. 

Tempered glass can break, but its strength makes it harder for that to happen. 

Here’s Why Glass Is More Durable Than You Thought 

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Are you willing to give glass the benefit of a doubt as a countertop material? If you’re still on the fence, here are some reasons why you should consider glass for your next kitchen or bathroom counter. 

Built Tougher

The strength of tempered glass far outpaces traditional glass (aka annealed glass), allowing you to rely on the stability of your new counter. The longevity of glass counters is on par with stone, as the materials are just about equally enduring. 

This should put your mind at ease that if you choose glass for your counter material, you needn’t worry about it chipping or falling apart on you in a matter of months. 


When you order a custom bathroom or kitchen counter from CBD Glass, a Toronto-based glass home accent design studio, you can choose from several thickness options for your new glass counter for better strength and longevity. 


Have you ever tried scratching glass? It’s quite difficult for a reason we’ll explain later. When using your kitchen counter for everyday tasks like cooking and food prep, you don’t want to have to be ultra-gentle around your counters to keep them intact. 

Glass can handle everyday use with aplomb. You shouldn’t be too rough with your kitchen appliances, but if you’re treating the counters with respect and care, they will reflect that back by holding up remarkably well for years. 

Handles High Temperatures

Glass can withstand extremely hot temperatures of around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s unlikely you’re going to put a surface that hot on a glass counter, as that would require you to handle it, and that could be extremely dangerous (and potentially very painful). 

By comparison, quartz can only withstand temperatures of 150 degrees. Other materials are more heat-resistant still, like granite’s ability to handle temps of over 1,000 degrees, but after a while, the heat resistance becomes unnecessary.

If you’re unlikely to directly handle a kitchen item that’s 300 degrees, that goes triple for one that’s 1,000 degrees. Glass suffices just fine for its heat resistance. 


The Mohs scale measures the hardness of various materials. Glass ranks at about the middle, but it’s sometimes scored as high as 7 out of 10. That makes it stronger than steel, which says all you need to know! 

What Traits Make Glass Suitable as a Countertop Material?

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Besides the above traits as a testament to its durability, the following are also reasons to consider glass counters for your home. 

  • Customization options: When you select a custom glass countertop from CBD Glass, you have so many fresh, fun ways to innovate your design. For example, you can choose from single or multicolored painted glass. You can select the glass thickness and alter its shape and size. 
  • Modern yet classic: Some counter materials can quickly date your bathroom or kitchen, like Formica, for example. Glass doesn’t have a date attached to it. It embodies trendy styles yet transcends them. It’s ageless, so you don’t have to worry about out-of-date focal points in your home. 
  • Easy to maintain: Cleaning glass counters is so quick and painless, you’ll wonder why you ever dealt with other counter materials that require specialty cleaning. You can use dish soap (unscented and uncolored is best), water, and a microfiber cloth or two. That’s all you need to keep glass free of grime, fingerprints, smudges, and other messes. 
  • Matches any room style: Since glass is like a blank slate design-wise, it goes with any kitchen or bathroom style you might already have. You don’t have to redecorate your entire space to make way for a glass countertop like you might with granite or quartz. 
  • Nonporous: Why is the nonporousness of glass such a selling point? This quality makes glass stain-resistant. It also won’t develop moisture the way some porous materials can. Further, the nonporousness of glass means germs can’t hide beneath the surface, causing illness. 

Order Your Custom Glass Countertop – Call CBD Glass Today 

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The durability of glass countertops should not be underestimated. This material is built to handle more of your everyday life, from prepping food to cooking. Elegant glass bathroom countertops make a marvelous statement and blend in with any existing décor style you’ve chosen. 

If you’re ready to plan your glass countertop project, contact our experts at CBD Glass today. We’ll provide a quote once you send us project specs, and soon, you’ll have glass counters that simplify your day-to-day life.