Which Thickness to Choose for Your Glass Countertop?

You want a countertop that holds up to wear and tear well but isn’t so bulky that it’s an eyesore. In your research, you’ve come across metal, marble, and granite countertops. You don’t really like the look of metal, and marble and granite can be quite pricy.

You’ve heard that glass is a happy medium, but admittedly, you have your reservations. After all, if you put a heavy dish on a glass countertop, wouldn’t it crack or shatter? That’s far from the case, especially if you order a durable, thick glass countertop for your home from a manufacturer like CBD Glass.

Our Toronto-based glass company produces a variety of accent pieces for the home and office. These include glass wine cellars, bricks, furniture, railings, shower enclosures and doors, frameless doors, bathroom countertops and vanities, backsplashes, and kitchen countertops. We allow you to customize every aspect of your glass project, including the thickness of the glass itself.

You quite like the idea of having some control over how thick your glass countertop is, but just which glass thickness should you choose?

For a countertop, it’s recommended the glass be 1.5 inches, or one and a half inches thick. Per square foot, this glass weighs about 21 pounds, so it’s anything but easily crackable.

You can go thicker, but this just makes your countertop heavier, so it’s not really necessary. Plus, thicker glass can add more to the cost of your project, so stick to that 1.5 inches and you’re in the clear.

What if you decide to invest in another glass accent piece from CBD Glass? How thick should these be? That’s a great question, and the answer varies based on the piece you’re interested in.

For example, if it’s a kitchen island, tabletop, or bar top, these should have a similar thickness to your glass countertop, so about half an inch. You may be able to get away with glass that’s ¾ inches thick here as well.

The lightest glass thickness we offer at CBD Glass is ¾ inches and the thickest is two inches. That gives you plenty of versatility with your projects, be those backsplashes (which don’t have to be as thick) to countertops (which require thicker glass).

Choosing the thickness of your glass is just the beginning. As we said, at CBD, the freedom to customize everything about your countertop is in your hands. You might start with translucent or aqua blue glass. You also get to select the shape of your countertop, whether the glass is textured, if you get it backpainted with color, and if your countertop will light up with LEDs.

If all this sounds like something you’re interested in, then we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with our staff at CBD Glass per our website, our email (info@cbdglass.com), or our phone number, 1-855-872-4223.

When you have measurements and blueprints of your upcoming home reno, we can assess this information and get you a quote. We can’t wait to work with you!