Where can you find the best designs for glass backsplashes?

Kitchen glass backsplash

You’re ready to get your quest for the perfect glass backsplash underway, you know that much. However, you keep getting stuck on what the backsplash should look like. With so many design options out there, it’s difficult to choose just one.

These resources will make your decision more manageable by providing endless inspiration.


Pinterest is the home of all things visual, and as such, it’s an excellent place to start your search for the ideal glass backsplash design. Visit Pinterest, type “glass backsplash kitchen,” and watch what pops up.

You’ll see pins and mood boards and images galore of all sorts of glass styles, from single-sheet half-wall backsplashes to the popular glass tile trend in a rainbow of colors. 

You might start your own Pinterest board to pin your favorites so you can refer to them as you plan your backsplash project further. 

Interior Decorating Magazines

Glass tile backsplashes

This recommendation is perhaps a little more old-school, but if it works, it works! Thumb through the pages of your favorite interior decorating publication, from Magnolia to Country Living, HGTV Magazine, Family Handyman, or House Beautiful

Earmark the backsplash designs that call your name. Most magazine writeups should include more information on the backsplash, allowing you to replicate its design for your own kitchen. 


Social media provides a never-ending source of entertainment and distraction, and it’s also an amazing outlet for finding inspiration and ideas. Besides Pinterest, you can also log into Instagram and search for “glass backsplash kitchen” and have a ball.

You will see posts from users all over the world detailing the processes of remodeling their kitchens themselves or with a team of professionals. The accounts will range from passionate homeowners to home improvement companies, showing you what backsplashes look like IRL. 

You should be ready to narrow your options after taking a deep dive into Instagram.

Home Improvement Blogs

Bathroom glass backsplash

Put your internet search skills to good use and find your new favorite home improvement blog. Review a variety of blogs and scope out as many examples of backsplashes as you want before you’re ready to make your choice. Seeing kitchens in the before-and-after phases can help you envision what your own backsplash installation process would be like.

More importantly, you can see if certain colors or features gel together IRL as well as they did when you pictured them in your head. That’s critical in planning your backsplash design! 

CBD Glass Studios


You had to expect to see this one on the list! Our team at CBD Glass Studios are purveyors of amazing custom backsplashes. We’ve installed thousands in residential and commercial properties and have an extensive portfolio we’re happy to showcase. 

You can discover all sorts of impressive backsplashes sure to get those mental cogs turning. Then, when you’re ready, you can give us a call to discuss your project and get a quote. We’re happy to talk to you today!