When to Opt for a Textured Finish on Your Glass Countertops?

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Why settle for run-of-the-mill counters when you can have a product that reflects your style and sense of design? You can concoct a perfectly matching creation that lends uniformity and appeal to your kitchen, bathroom, or home bar. 

All this is possible when you select glass counters for your next home improvement project. Decorating the glass with a textured finish is an electric idea, as your counters will have the kind of artistic elegance you usually only see in museums.

Don’t believe us? You will by the time you review the advantages of textured glass counters. 

5 Times to Choose a Textured Finish for Your Glass Countertops

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1. Your Current Counters Are Plain 

Plain counters? Why, you’d never. Perhaps there was a daring style you had wanted to try when you initially got your counters done, but you waffled on the decision and ultimately opted to play it safe. 

It felt like a good choice at the time, but you’ll admit you’ve since had regrets. If you can go back and do it all over, you’d opt to add texture to your counters to give them an added visual dimension. 

Well, you’re in luck! Texturing glass will make it look just as you always wanted, giving your counters that old-is-new appeal that you just can’t beat. 

2. You Recently Upgraded Your Kitchen 

Did you recently give your kitchen some love and decided to renovate? If you only did bits and pieces of the room, you might have assessed the space with a critical eye and decided that now your kitchen counters need that something extra.

Adding texture to a glass counter will make your counters look and feel fresh and in-line with the rest of your design plans for the kitchen. The entire space will have a cohesiveness and comfort that will make you want to sit around and enjoy a cup of tea while gazing out the window.

3. You Got New Kitchen Lighting 

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A fresh kitchen lighting system calls for glass texturing! The newer, brighter, eco-friendlier lighting will bring out the fine textures and appealing etching of the glass more than your old kitchen lighting could, enough so that it would be a waste to forego texturing your glass countertop now

4. You Want Something New Without Ripping Out the Current Counters

The thought of removing your current counters and starting over might be unconscionable to you, especially if the counters are newer and in otherwise fine condition except for looking a little simple. 

A textured finish on your glass countertops will liven up the counters without the need to start completely over. You’ll appreciate saving the time and money, and you won’t have to make your house into a disaster zone as the team rips up your kitchen to start anew. 

5. You Have More Room in Your Budget 

Say no more! It’s always awesome to have a bigger budget than you need, as you can add extra features that make your new kitchen incredible. Textured glass is a great example of the kind of add-on you won’t regret. 

Glass Counter Texture Styles to Choose from at CBD Glass

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Are you eager to further explore your options? Here are the incredibly beautiful, varied patterns you can choose from when you hire CBD Glass for your kitchen countertop project. 

  • Melting Ice: Lending your glass countertop a frosty look, the Melting Ice texture looks like slush after the first warm day of winter, when all the snow and ice begins to thaw. You can select a totally translucent or semi-frost style. 
  • Flow: Like the never-ending tides of the ocean, the Flow style showcases the undulations and ripples of the sea in thick lines against a frosty, textured background. It’s ideal for a stylish, upscale kitchen. 
  • Avalanche: The deep crevices in the Avalanche texture will turn heads whenever people come into your kitchen. They’ll marvel at your appealing countertops, which will have a captivating texture made better with LED lighting. 
  • Stream: The hypnotic waves of the Stream texture are broken up with a richly textured layer in between. This is a smart choice for a kitchen counter if you embrace a lot of earthy tones and materials in your space. 
  • Sandstorm: As one of our most popular glass textures, Sandstorm resembles a desert with blowing sands. It has areas of open texture bracketed by thicker textured zones like heavy grains of sand. Choose from a translucent or semi-frost look.
  • Ice Rink: Close your eyes and imagine an ice rink with deep grooves in it from the sharp blades of ice skates. That was our inspiration for the Ice Rink finish, which goes light on the texturing to let your glass counter show proudly through.
  • Linear: Just as the name implies, the Linear finish features grooved lines straight across. They have uniform thicknesses but aren’t entirely straight all the way through, giving the illusion of closed window blinds, but with glass instead. If you want a head-turning kitchen counter, give this finish a try. 
  • Unda: Quickly becoming one of our most noteworthy finishes, the Unda texture features sloping wave-like shapes like an ocean at high tide. The “waves,” as you will, are textured, while the spaces between are not. It’s truly fascinating! 
  • Desert: If you live in a balmy region, consider the Desert texture as an homage to your home. This thickly textured finish looks like small islands of sand spaced apart from one another. 
  • Pixels: Like a video game come to life, the Pixels finish is full of tightly clustered raised areas with larger blocks that are untextured. It’s a futuristic finish for the bold homeowner who wants to grab attention with their kitchen remodel. 
  • Galaxy: The Galaxy finish has always sold well among our customers, as it resembles a starry night sky when laying out on the lawn after dark. It’s a tranquil finish that would shine on a kitchen counter. 

Textures Are Only the Beginning! Customize Your Countertop at CBD Glass 

The philosophy at CBD Glass is to let you create your glass accent pieces exactly as you like them through custom glass accent items. Explore the depths of our services or discuss your project by calling 855-872-4223.