When Should You Consider Replacing Your Old Countertop with a Glass One?

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Let’s explore what they are so you can determine when it’s time to replace your old countertop with a glass one. 

8 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Old Counters to Glass

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1. The Counters Have Structural Damage

You should prioritize getting the countertops upgraded over any other home improvements on your list. 

2. You’ve Saved Up Enough Money

Isn’t it a great feeling to be able to afford your home renovations without feeling financially strained? You’ve spent a long time pinching pennies and cutting back where you can, but it’s all worth it now, because you can afford to get the kitchen of your dreams, complete with new glass countertops. 

3. You’re Replacing or Upgrading Other Parts of the Kitchen 

If your kitchen is undergoing a facelift, it only makes sense to give the rest of your kitchen the same kind of love, including replacing the counters. 

Sure, it costs more money, but it makes the most sense. If you upgrade all other elements of your kitchen besides the counters—such as the floors, the cabinets, and the paint color—you’ll expect the room to look as fresh as a daisy.

However, the old countertops will stand out like a sore thumb more than they ever have. At least with other old kitchen features, the counters weren’t so distracting, but now they’re such an eyesore that you can’t stand them another day. 

If you don’t have room in the budget, you’ll have to start saving all over again. That’s why it’s best to just get everything over with all at once. 

4. You’re Trying to Sell Your House

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A contemporary kitchen will ensure your home sells faster, as the kitchen is a nook of togetherness, smiles, laughter, and memories. The nicer it is, the more interested buyers you’ll get. 

You should always consider making as many home improvements as possible before you sell, as the nicer the condition of the property, the higher you can sell for and the more interested buyers you will attract. 

You already know that leaving old counters will not improve the look of your kitchen, so give them the upgrade they so desperately need, then begin taking photos of your home to put on the market. 

5. The Counters Are Seriously Stained or Discolored 

Discoloration, such as yellowing, will make any previously new counter look decades old, even if you’ve only had yours for a couple of years. The most common culprit for stains on counters is spilling acidic products and not cleaning them fast enough.

From tomato sauce to wine, lemon juice, and vinegar, the acids leave a permanent mark in the form of discoloration. Sometimes, you’ll also see etching or dull spots. 

Glass doesn’t stain, so you don’t have to worry about discoloration. If you spill a high-acidic food on the counter, you should still clean it up, but you don’t have to stress about the counters looking yellow if you don’t act quickly enough. 

6. Water Damage Has Affected the Counters

Did your kitchen pipe spring a leak and water got everywhere? You might have thought you took care of the issue, but water can insidiously seep in places you can’t initially see, such as within a wooden counter.

Even if you have a marble or quartz countertop, if the counter base is wood, you could still be in trouble. 

Wet wood can bend and warp, putting the structural integrity of the counter at risk. More so, it invites mildew and mold, posing breathing and health risks for you and your entire family. You need glass counters, stat. 

7. The Counters Have Deep Cracks

A small, hairline crack in your counter can spread, becoming thicker and further-reaching as you continue applying everyday pressure to the counter. Before you know it, a piece of marble or natural stone that was once your countertop could chip right off in your hand. 

Glass counters are surprisingly durable. While not crackproof, their longevity is an excellent reason to choose glass over other counter materials. 

8. You’re Tired of Heavy-Duty Chemical Cleaning

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Many countertop materials require specialty cleaners and chemicals that buff and shine without damaging the pricy quartz, metal, or granite. These products aren’t fun to buy or use, because they’re expensive and can stink up the joint with noxious smells. 

Worse yet, some counter materials like quartz can retain the odor, so that cleaner that smells like ammonia lingers in the air long after you finish using it. 

Glass counters don’t require any specialty cleaners. You can use unscented dish soap, water, and a microfiber towel, and that’s all you need to get the countertops spotless and shiny. 

The Choice Is Clear – Call CBD Glass Today 

If your old countertops are unappealing and/or unsafe, prioritize upgrading to glass counters. CBD Glass is a Toronto-based custom glass accent designer and builder. We’ll create the perfect counters that complement your tastes, style, and budget. We provide quotes through our online contact form, so reach out today.