What You Need to Know Before Installing a Glass Countertop

After countless hours browsing through Pinterest and even paging through a few home decorating magazines, you’ve decided on glass countertops for your bathroom or kitchen. You’ve never had a glass counter before, and you’re excited about the change.

What do you need to know ahead of the installation?

Glass Countertops Are Available in Different Thicknesses

No matter which glass counter thickness you select, you can trust that you’ve chosen a durable option, especially when you work with the pros at CBD Glass.

That said, you do have several options, and the one you choose will impact the looks of your countertop.

If you want a bar top style, you should opt for thinner glass. This will ensure the rustic, homey vibe you’re going for.

Bathroom and kitchen counters can be thicker still, with a kitchen counter thicker than a bathroom counter.

glass countertop

Glass Counters Come in All Sorts of Shapes

When most people think of countertops, they assume that rectangles and squares are the only options. The versatility of glass means that it can be molded in a variety of ways, especially if you work with us at CBD Glass.

We’ve designed glass counters in every shape imaginable, so you’re only limited by your creativity!

Glass Counters Hold Up Well

It’s hard to damage glass counters, not like you’d try!

For one, glass is a nonporous surface, so whether in the kitchen or bathroom, your counter doesn’t act as a hotbed for germs to propagate.

Glass is stain-resistant, so if you spill frequently in the bathroom or kitchen (or if you have young kids that do), it won’t be the end of the world. You can easily sop up the mess, and your glass counter will look fine.

Hot temperatures don’t affect glass the same way they do other counter materials, as glass can handle thousands of degrees of heat (in Fahrenheit) without melting.

This is especially important for a kitchen counter if you have to put hot pans or pots on the counter for a moment during meal prep.

glass bar top

Glass Counters Have an Exceptional Lifespan

Glass has a lifespan comparable to many popular counter materials, from cultured marble to natural stone or resin.

The better you care for your glass counter, the longer it will last. Avoid scratching glass, and if you do leave a few nicks, buff them so they don’t become deep gouges.

Don’t drop items on your glass counters either.

Glass Counters Can Be Recycled

Here’s something else to know before installing a glass countertop: your counter may be made of recycled glass, and the glass that comprises your counter can be recycled when you someday retire it. 

Going green has never been easier or looked better than this!