What to Put on a Kitchen Countertop for Decoration

You just got amazing countertops installed in your home. Now, you can’t wait to show off your kitchen to your friends and family. Well, maybe not quite yet. While you’re utterly in love with the countertops themselves, you can’t help but think that something is missing. You’re not quite sure what it is, but your countertops need some decorations.

What kinds of decorations would look best on your glass countertops? Here are some of our top suggestions.

Lighting Elements

While we offer LED backlighting for our kitchen countertops at CGD Glass, you may decide you want yet more light. If so, then lighting elements can fill up your countertop, illuminate, and add beautiful decoration as well. We especially like tabletop lighting fixtures for a bit of warm glow that will make food prep on the countertop more delightful.

glass kitchen countertop

Planters with Herbs

Since you have the space, you might as well grow your very own indoor garden on your glass kitchen countertop. Get a few planters and fill them with soil and some seeds for your favorite herbs. Many herbs grow especially well indoors. When it’s time to harvest them, you always have fresh greens to add to your meals for more zest, spice, or sweetness.

Fruit Bowls

That curvy, ornate fruit bowl you bought a while ago doesn’t have to sit stuffed in a dark cabinet anymore. It’s time to bring it out and showcase it on your countertop. Make sure you fill it with fruit to deliver more color and intrigue to your countertop décor. If you’re concerned about bugs hovering around real fruit, then wax or other faux fruit delivers the same effect but without the insects.

Wire Baskets

The older and more worn your wire baskets look, the more of a rustic feel they create for your kitchen decorating. You might put an assortment of unique metal cookware in the baskets or even your favorite recipe books. After all, it’s always nice to pull out a book to make a meal instead of relying on your phone for the instructions.

Apothecary and Mason Jars

Speaking of rustic, mason jars will add that kind of vibe to your kitchen, and maybe a touch of hipster, too. These and apothecary jars can be left purposefully empty or filled with useful kitchen ingredients like spices, herbs, or even sugar and flour. Just make sure you label products that are hard to identify.

Cake Stand

Maybe you’re not a huge baker, but you have a cake stand for family members’ birthdays. Keep it occupied the rest of the year by using it as a main decorative touch for your glass kitchen countertop. You can fill the cake stand with anything you want, such as mugs, oil jars, salt and pepper shakers, jars; you really can’t go wrong!

Now that you know what you could do to decorate a glass kitchen countertop, don’t you feel inspired to do something better with your own kitchen? If so, all us at CGD Glass today at 1-855-872-4223.