What to Expect When Installing Countertops

Today is the day the installation team is coming to your home to build your new glass countertop. You’ve gotten your old counters removed and your kitchen admittedly looks a little weird, so you’re eager for the installation work to begin.

What should you expect as the team gets underway? Well first, there’s the work you should do in preparation for their arrival. You should take everything breakable and valuable out of the kitchen, from fine china to your expensive KitchenAid mixer to anything else you want to protect. Put it in a storage unit or stash it in the basement (or another room) until installation begins.

You also need to clear your entryways and hallways. The countertop installation team is going to have to haul in your countertop slab as well as other equipment to secure it, so they’ll need a wide berth. Clean up the spare shoes, toys, and pet leashes that are in the halls. Consider moving your plants and decorative tables elsewhere so nothing gets damaged.

When the installation team arrives, they’ll lay down tarps in your kitchen to protect your flooring. The pros might be able to help you secure your cabinets so they don’t get damaged during installation, so be sure to ask about that.

Once the installation work is ready to begin, the team will transfer your glass countertop from their vehicle to the kitchen. The countertop is installed first, then any fixtures such as a sink or stovetop are added afterward. Your team can install a glass kitchen backsplash at this time if you ordered one as well.

After the installation work wraps up, the team will clean up all the dust that was kicked up from the drilling and cutting. They’ll remove the tarp and clean up any remaining mess, then head out.

Installation of your countertop can be done within one day if you just get new counters. Many homeowners opt for an upgraded sink as well, and it will take at least 24 hours from the time the counters were installed to when the sink can be placed.

Keep in mind that for a multi-day installation project that you cannot use your kitchen until the work is finished. You’ll have to plug in a microwave elsewhere, order take-out, or go out to eat for a couple of nights.

Once you’re done admiring your new countertops, you can begin replacing all the items in your kitchens and the rest of your house that you moved for the installation team. Then you can go right back to admiring your gorgeous counters.

Now that you know how easy it is to get a glass countertop installed, you’re readier than ever to plan your kitchen remodel. At CBD Glass, our glass accent items are completely customizable. You can select the color, texture, thickness, shape, and size of your glass countertop so it’s more than just functional but beautiful as well. Call us today to get started!