What Should You Use to Clean Glass Kitchen Countertops?

You happily checked a major item off your home renovation to-do list recently, and that was getting new countertops from CBD Glass. Perhaps your old countertop was made of quartz that just didn’t hold up well, or—even worse—something cheap and unappealing like Formica. Either way, you’re so glad to be rid of this kitchen countertop. The glass one looks so much better.

Now comes the question of maintenance. You want to keep your glass kitchen countertops as shining and pristine as they are at current, but admittedly, you’re not sure how to go about doing that. How should you clean your glass surfaces? Which products are best?

That’s the thing: you don’t necessarily need cleaning products. If you have a glass cleaner you already prefer, that’s fine. You can continue using it regularly with no degradation to the quality of your glass countertop. Glass is a much tougher material than some people give it credit for, after all.

If you don’t own glass cleaning products, you’re more than okay. Many happy customers who have ordered glass accent pieces from us at CBD have found that some soap, water, and a soft cloth suffice for cleaning. You can use standard liquid dish soap for this job, as there’s no need for anything heavy-duty.

Since glass is non-porous, stains and messes can’t get deep into the surface like they can with other kitchen countertop materials. You can simply brush off surface stains with a dry paper towel and then use the soap, water, and a soft cloth for removing stickiness, smudges, and fingerprints.

When drying, make sure you wipe your countertop in the same direction. Otherwise, it can get streaky, which is one of the only downsides of a glass kitchen countertop. We recommend drying the surface with another soft cloth, as other towels may be too abrasive.

What if you opted to take advantage of CBD’s many glass customization options? For example, perhaps you got your countertop textured. How would you go about cleaning it now? You can still use water, a cloth, and soap, at least for the non-textured parts. When wiping over the textured areas, switch to a lint-free cloth. Paper towels can rip from the texturing, so avoid those.

You can clean your glass kitchen countertop from CBD as often as you wish, whether that’s daily or weekly. With regular maintenance like this, you will keep your countertop looking as good as it does now all freshly installed. Cleaning is really the most maintenance you will have to do, besides using the countertop carefully. While glass doesn’t shatter easily, it could happen if misused enough.

Make This the Year You Get a New Glass Kitchen Countertop from CBD Glass

Whether this article has inspired you to change your own countertops or you want another glass accent piece, you’ve come to the right place. Our expertise and record of customer satisfaction here at CBD Glass is unmatched. Why not call on us today to talk about your project? We’re all ears!