What Is the Most Practical Kitchen Countertop?

When it comes to your kitchen countertop, you’re not so much concerned with looks as you are about practicality. Your dream counter is one that’s easy to use, doesn’t require much maintenance, and cleans up fast when you have to.

Which kitchen countertop material fits the bill?

That’s none other than a glass counter. Although most people shy away from glass countertops because they worry the glass could break, once they make the switch, they realize just how practical and wonderful a glass counter is in about every way.

Here at CBD Glass, we manufacture custom glass kitchen countertops that our customers rave about. Our counters are built as durable as they come, and you can select the ideal glass thickness to ensure the stability of your counter.

So what is it that makes glass such a practical material for a kitchen countertop? The answer is plenty!

A glass counter is incredibly easy to take care of. Since glass is nonporous, you don’t have to worry about bacteria and viruses hiding between the crevices as can be the case with some other porous counter materials.

You and your family can stay healthy and still prioritize togetherness in the kitchen with a glass countertop. Does it get much better?

Glass is also nearly maintenance-free. It doesn’t stain, and it doesn’t scratch all that easy either. You will still have to take precautions when using your glass kitchen countertop as you would with any other material, but glass can withstand wear and tear and still look lustrous.

glass kitchen countertops

Cleaning your glass counter is as easy as 1-2-3. Rather than buy costly metal cleaners or other specialized products, all you need to keep your glass counter sparkling is warm water, mild dish detergent, and a soft microfiber cloth.

Wet the cloth in the water and soap mixture and begin rubbing. Any food messes will lift right off, not to mention any smudges will disappear as well. Use a separate dry microfiber cloth and rub it in one direction to maintain a streak-free, beautiful finish as the glass dries.

To save even more time and effort when it comes to tidying up your kitchen, may we recommend our glass backsplashes? We can build a backsplash to your exact specifications. Some of our customers opt for a full-wall backsplash. They can still enjoy their kitchen paintjob or wallpapering but with the protection of sheer glass.

Your walls will look neater, and you’ll add mere minutes to your weekly kitchen cleanup routine rather than hours spent scrubbing and scouring. That’s the definition of practical!

glass kitchen island

Of course, practicality doesn’t have to look unappealing. Here at CBD Glass, we allow our customers to make their glass kitchen counters unique with an array of customization options. You can request backpainting to impart some color to the glass, get the counter textured for a new dimension, or add LED lights for a dazzling effect.

Our team is ready to hear from you today. Give us a call to start discussing your practical glass kitchen countertop project!