What Is the Most Durable Type of Countertop

Your old countertops have taken a beating, which is why you’re eager to replace them. You want something that will stand up a lot better to the everyday rigors of life with your family, so you don’t have to turn around and buy new counters again in a few years.

What is the most durable countertop material?

That’s quartz, as it’s built with a combination of polymers and quartz stone and then reinforced with resin. The result is a type of engineered stone with the toughness of natural stone.

However, quartz is expensive, so it might not be an option if you’re looking to upgrade your counters affordably.

The next best solution is glass.

Most people hear the word glass, and the last thing they think of is durability, but glass holds up far better than you’d think.

If you review the Mohs Hardness Scale, which rates the durability of various minerals on a scale of 1 through 10, glass ranks at 7 Mohs. That doesn’t make it the most durable, which we’ve established, but it’s pretty darn hardy.

Glass is a much better material choice for your counters than quartz in many ways. It doesn’t cost as much as quartz, so it’s a much more attainable material for homeowners looking to remodel their kitchens on a budget.

If the kids get too rambunctious and scratch your glass counter (or hey, maybe it’s a curious dog with their paws up there trying to scrounge for a free snack), you can buff out the damage with toothpaste and a damp washcloth.

glass counter

This only works for light surface scratches, of course, and not deep gouges, just an FYI.

Glass is nonporous, so it doesn’t have small openings for holding onto germs. It’s also incredibly easy to clean a glass countertop. You only need a soft microfiber cloth, warm water, and soap.

Dampen the cloth and wipe down the length of your counter in one uniform direction. To dry a glass counter, use a fresh, clean microfiber cloth and wipe it in one direction, as this will prevent streaks.

Stains can ruin your counters in a jiffy, especially substances that don’t easily come out. You won’t face those difficulties with a glass counter, as the nonporousness of glass prevents it from staining.

That’s right! Even if you spill wine or get cooking grease on your counters, they won’t become discolored from stains. You should still clean up messes as promptly as possible, but glass can handle a lot without showing it.

glass bar top

Okay, but what about cracking? That’s a common misconception about glass. The glass used to build your countertops is far more durable than a fragile mirror or window glass. It’s thick and will hold up to everyday use just fine.

With so many benefits, you can easily forget all about quartz as a countertop material. Although it doesn’t rank as the most durable, glass wins in categories like cost effectiveness, looks, ease of cleaning, and kid-friendliness.