What is the disadvantage of glass tiles?

Glass backsplashes generally come in two designs: as a single piece or tiles. Both have their advantages, but what about the downsides? Since we discussed the cons of a single-piece glass backsplash in another post, it’s only fair to shine a light on the disadvantages of glass tiles here.

Here’s our caveat, just as in the other post. The purpose isn’t to prevent you from proceeding with a glass backsplash for your bathroom or kitchen. Instead, we aim to have you be selective in the company you work with and the products you purchase.

Keeping that in mind, let’s get underway.

glass backsplash

Installing Tiles Properly Is Challenging

You put together a design and expect your glass backsplash to match that design. However, you can be sorely disappointed if you hire any company to do the job, as the backsplash tiles can be displayed willy-nilly, failing to meet your vision.

CBD Glass is a Toronto-based glass design and installation company specializing in accent pieces for the home. Glass backsplashes for bathrooms and kitchens are one of our most popular products. 

We have installed many backsplashes in all styles, including tiles. We take our time when assembling these backsplashes, as we know the inclusion of a tile backsplash in your home is as much about looks as it its design. 

We want you to have a work of art you can be proud of!

Repairs Are Tough

Uh-oh, did one of the tiles of your backsplash fall out? You had thought it seemed loose for a while, then it just toppled out like a loose tooth. This can leave you feeling dismayed, and the gaping hole in your backsplash is quite upsetting.

It might seem like an easy fix, and sometimes it is, but it depends. If the tile fell out and is in one piece, reassembly might be more straightforward.

However, if the tile is chipped or cracked, it can’t go back into the backsplash. You must order a replacement tile that must meet the dimensions of the old tile. It has to be a color match, too. 

The best idea is to replace entire sections of the backsplash to ensure a seamless look.

They Can Get Smudged Easily

If you touch your backsplash (or perhaps younger members of the family do it), glass hides no evidence. It will have smudges and streaks all over that make it very evident someone had their paws all over it. This takes away from the beauty of your backsplash.

glass backsplash

They Can Scratch

Glass is not entirely scratch-proof, so you must use a light hand when cleaning your new backsplash. You can remove light scratches with a good toothpaste buffing, but the same trick doesn’t work for deeper scratches. 

Gouges necessitate a backsplash replacement, unfortunately!

They Can Be Expensive

Glass tile backsplashes are undeniably appealing, but assembling each piece one tile at a time is costlier than buying a single piece of glass as a backsplash. The cost of this backsplash might exceed stone or ceramic tile in some cases, so decide if it’s worth it and, more importantly, if it fits your budget. 

CBD Glass will work with you to design and install a backsplash you’ll love. Our professionalism and dedication to craftsmanship ensure a higher-quality backsplash that is less susceptible to the above issues.