What is the disadvantage of glass backsplash?

Here at CBD Glass, we specialize in custom-designed glass accent pieces for the home, including kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. However, before you can make a well-informed decision about which backsplash material to select for your home, you must have all the facts.

This article will investigate the downsides of a glass backsplash

It Can Scratch

Glass is not scratch-proof. Rough treatment of the glass backsplash can create damage, such as cleaning the backsplash with the abrasive side of a kitchen sponge or scouring it with steel wool. 

Few things detract from the appeal of your backsplash than scratches in the glass!

Fortunately, you can treat light scratches. Buffing the scratch with toothpaste and a clean microfiber cloth by rubbing circularly will remove the scratches. 

However, this method is only impactful for light surface scratches. If your countertop has deep gouges, those won’t come out, no matter how much toothpaste you rub on the surface. 

That brings us to our next point…

You’ll Likely Need a Full Replacement If Something Goes Wrong

A single-piece glass backsplash isn’t reparable if a chunk of it breaks off or has deep gouges. Instead, you’ll have to get a new backsplash altogether. 

This means sitting through the installation process and not being able to get much use out of your kitchen or bathroom until the work is done. It’s an inconvenience and can be expensive. 

glass backsplash

The Backsplash Must Be Installed Carefully

Slow, conscientious installation is a must when assembling and installing a glass backsplash. The seamlessness of the backsplash means that one small misalignment of mere inches will throw off the entire look of your kitchen.

The backsplash might not be where you want it, and its protection might be limited due to its incorrect placement.

At CBD Glass, our trained, talented artisans do more than build glass accent pieces. We will take care of the installation. We’re skilled and have installed thousands of backsplashes for happy customers throughout Toronto and understand how to put together a backsplash for customer satisfaction. 

glass backsplash

It Can Chip or Crack

People often conflate mirror glass with backsplash glass. While the two are nothing alike (backsplash glass is much thicker), that doesn’t mean it isn’t prone to chipping or cracking. 

Glass does not crack on its own. It must be exposed to very hot temperatures (over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit) or mishandled, such as slamming heavy objects against it, for it to break. 

Before the glass cracks, you might notice chips. These can detract from the appearance of your backsplash, and cracks are the eyesore to end all eyesores. 

Just like you must do if you otherwise damage the backsplash, you must replace the entire thing rather than get a portion of it repaired. 

Please keep in mind we put together this post not to dissuade you from ordering a glass backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom but to make you aware of the whole picture. Selecting a reputable glass company like CBD Glass for your backsplash is a surefire way to avoid these common issues.