What Is the Difference Between a Worktop and a Countertop?

You’ve heard of them being referred to as both worktops and countertops, but you’ve always wondered, what’s the difference between the two terms?

It all comes down to your region! In the United Kingdom, you’re much likelier to hear a person call a kitchen or bathroom surface a worktop. In the United States, the term countertop is more common.

You can use the two terms interchangeably should you want to. Both words describe a flat surface, often in a kitchen, that’s used to cut, prep, and plate food. Countertops are not exclusive to kitchens though and can also be found in bathrooms, although the counter or worktop in a bathroom is likely smaller.

The purpose of a bathroom countertop is different as well. In the bathroom, the counter is used more for keeping toothbrush holders and soap dispensers, perhaps tissue boxes and decorative hard soap as well. You use the counter as a level surface for displaying your face creams and serums, although you likely keep those in the medicine cabinet.

glass bathroom countertop

Most homes will include a countertop or worktop when you move in, usually in both the kitchen and the bathroom. However, you might be feeling the itch to upgrade yours.

If so, then you can count on us at CBD Glass. We’re a Canadian manufacturer of custom glass accent items. Our biggest sellers are our countertops, especially for the kitchen, but in the bathroom as well.

If you’ve always envisioned a classic yet timeless countertop material, glass is it. Our glass counters are built thick to handle the everyday hustle and bustle of life in the kitchen.

We give you the freedom to customize every design element of your glass countertops, from the shape and size to even precisely how thick the glass is. If you’d prefer colored glass, our CBD team offers a unique service called backpainting where we can make it happen. Any hue you can envision, or even a combination of colors, is doable! Just ask us.

Our beautiful texture work is sure to delight as well. We can etch textures across your glass counter that look like a rushing stream, melting snow, or even a peaceful starry sky. When combined with our edge texturing, the entirety of your countertop will have life and character.

raised glass bar top

Customers love our LED lighting option. You can select from single-color or multi-color LED lights in RGB and white hues. The LED lights provide bright, consistent illumination for thousands of hours.

All that texturing you requested for your countertop will have so much dimension with some LED illumination! Plus, our LEDs are a great safety feature at night for navigating your kitchen, your bathroom, or even both.

If you’re interested in planning your glass countertop or worktop remodel, our CBD team wants to hear from you. You can request a quote today by using our online contact form and sending some specs, blueprints, or drawings of your requested project.