What Is the Best Thickness for a Glass Table Top?

You’ve measured a few preexisting tables around your house that you’d like to add a glass tabletop to. Now you’re stuck between a couple of glass thicknesses. You don’t want an overly thick glass tabletop, as that can look gaudy and unappealing. Ordering a glass tabletop that’s too thin though doesn’t instill much confidence.

What’s the right thickness for a glass tabletop? That’s what we’re discussing in today’s post, so make sure you keep reading!

What Is the Best Thickness for a Glass Tabletop?

For your glass tabletop, you’ve envisioned an optimal thickness that’s just right. It’s heavy and durable, but not so thin and flimsy that you worry about it breaking. In that instance, you can only be talking about a tabletop glass thickness that’s ¼ inches.

This semi-thick glass is ideal for any form of protective glass covers, be that for coffee tables or dining tables.

What About Other Glass Surfaces?

Are you thinking of making major upgrades across your home with glass? Here’s a guide to choosing the right glass thickness for many accent items you might happen to buy.

  • For glass tables or unsupported tabletops made of glass, order the item with a thickness of ½ an inch. This is hardy and durable, but in such an application, this much glass doesn’t look bulky.
  • For unsupported tables that don’t need as much heavy-duty coverage, 3/8-inch glass is a good pick. Slightly less thick, you get plenty of support here, but just not as much as glass that’s ½ an inch thick.
  • For glass inserts, smaller tables, and patio tables, 3/16-inch thickness suits these items best. This is the thinnest glass, but it’s sturdy, stable, and unlikely to break without great effort.

What Are Your Options for Ordering a Glass Tabletop?

Now that you know you need glass at 1/4-inch thickness for your glass tabletop, you’re ready to continue designing it. At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we afford our customers great freedom regarding customization.

We let you choose the glass thickness as well as the shape, color, texturing, and backlighting added to your glass tabletop. For example, our translucent glass makes a great base if you want a simple, unadorned tabletop. You can also inject some color with our Aqua Blue glass base.

Then, you can opt for traditional square-shaped or rectangular glass or get a glass tabletop in a circular or triangular shape. If you’d like a portion or the entirety of your tabletop glass to be colored, our backpainting service is a favorite among our customers. This unique CBD service involves our team painting your glass underneath in one or a series of colors. It’s all up to you!

Then, you can bring out the natural beauty of glass with our textures. Whether you want your tabletop to look like a rushing river, melting snow, or a peaceful galaxy, you have your pick. Don’t forget LED lighting in white or multicolor to really bring out those textures!

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