What Is a Backsplash in the Bathroom?

Several months ago, you repainted your bathroom to update its look without spending a lot of money. It worked; your bathroom has a modern flair that you quite love. Yet as the months have worn on, the color of your bathroom walls look dingy and dull.

What is going on here? Lots of things in the bathroom can stain surfaces. Yellow dinginess means too many human oils, black could be mold or mildew, rusty colors are indeed rusted surfaces, and grayish stains could be from hard water.

Can you get some sort of protection for your bathroom walls? Indeed, and it’s known as a backsplash in the bathroom.

At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our glass backsplashes are the perfect solution for preventing stained bathroom walls. Although most people think of backsplashes only in the kitchen, our team believes that backsplashes are a crucial part of bathrooms as well, especially in the main bathroom that the whole household uses.

When you work with our team, we can help you customize your glass bathroom backsplash so it’s a perfect fit for your home. Our backsplashes are available in just about every shape and size you can imagine. Most of our customers opt for large square-shaped or rectangular backsplashes, but not all.

As you can see here, this customer chose several smaller, circular panels across their wall. Although these backsplashes were outfitted in a kitchen, can’t you easily imagine them in your bathroom?

Another feature of that backsplash set is a service we offer here at CBD known as backpainting. When we backpaint glass, we can impart a single color or a collection of colors–such as seen in the example above–to give your bathroom backsplash a truly unique, artistic effect.

Of course, some homeowners want to keep their backsplashes simple. You might even want to be able to see the paint color of your bathroom behind your backsplash considering how hard you worked to paint the room.

In that case, our sheer backsplash panels are a fantastic solution. Since they’re translucent, you can still enjoy that lovely paint color you chose for your main bathroom, but it’s protected from spit, human oils, rust and iron, hard water, and other staining elements.

Keeping your glass bathroom backsplash tidy will be the easiest part of your bathroom-cleaning routine. All you need is your favorite dish detergent, a soft microfiber cloth, and water. Wet the cloth, add the soap, and rub in a single direction and your backsplash will be clean. If you pat it dry, rub again in the same direction to allow the glass to dry streak-free.

If you’re thinking of ordering a backsplash for the bathroom, contact our team at CBD Glass today at 855-872-4223. Please take some measurements of your bathroom and we’ll be able to provide you a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!