What Countertops Go with Travertine Floors

You recently got travertine floors installed in your kitchen. For the unvitiated, travertine is limestone that comes from deposits found in natural springs. Travertine contains a variety of minerals, mostly calcite, creating swirls in the stone.

Most travertine is lighter-colored, like beige-ish, pale gray, or tan. You’re struggling to find a countertop color that matches your travertine floors. Even limestone counters don’t really look that good since they’re not travertine.

May we suggest glass? Here at CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our glass countertops and other accent pieces look great in homes of all kinds. Our counters are customizable from the ground up so you can match them to your travertine floors.

If your travertine floor is white or light gray, then you can select our Ultra Clear base for your glass countertops. This sheer, translucent base adds timeless appeal to any kitchen. Allow us to show you with an example!

In this beautiful kitchen, our happy CBD customer requested our glass counters with an Ultra Clear base and White Onyx coloring. They decided not to get their glass textured or accented with LED lights, which are two services of many we offer at CBD glass.

With glass counters like these, your light-colored travertine floors would have found their perfect match!

Perhaps your travertine floors are a somewhat darker hue like a vivid tan. You might really be scratching your head trying to find a countertop material that matches, but your search ends here. At CBD Glass, our team can employ a service called backpainting, which is where we paint the underside of the glass any hue that your heart desires.

That’s how this pleased CBD customer got their countertops a tannish brown like this. They also decided to order matching countertops so the walls are one seamless color. This will envelope the entire kitchen in warm brown, which will make your kitchen one of your favorite places to spend time in!

Let’s talk more about the other services you can utilize for your glass countertops to go with your travertine floors. LED lighting creates warmth around your counters. While we offer colorful LED hues such as blue, red, or green, we think that for your purposes, you’d be most interested in our white LED lights. These won’t distract from your beautiful travertine floors.

LED lighting doesn’t only look good, but it makes your home safer as well. If you have someone in the household who’s always going into the fridge for a midnight snack, the LEDs will light their way.

Our glass texturing can add dimension and appeal to the glass. In conjunction with our LED lighting, the delicate texture work we can employ looks best, as all the nooks, crannies, and corners really stand out.

Getting started with CBD Glass is easy. Just call us at 855-872-4223 today and we can get you a quote for your new glass kitchen countertop. If you have blueprints or drawings of your kitchen, that will help us. Otherwise, we need measurements of the room.