What Countertops Go with Oak Cabinets?

You’ve been remodeling your kitchen in spurts. Several years back, you updated the cabinetry, choosing sturdy oak. Now you’re ready to get a new countertop, but you want it to match the cabinetry already in your kitchen. What options do you have?

We couldn’t recommend our glass kitchen countertops more highly. We’re CBD Glass, and we produce glass accent items for residential and commercial use. Our glass countertops and kitchen islands are some of our best-selling products, and it only takes one look at our portfolio to see why.

Although most people don’t think of glass when considering countertop materials, glass is perfect for your oak kitchen cabinets for several reasons. For one, glass is just as durable as your hard-working cabinets. At CBD Glass, we allow you to choose from several glass thicknesses (up to two inches thick) so your glass counter can stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Glass is also translucent, but our team lets you customize its color so it will match your oak cabinets perfectly. You can order your glass kitchen counters with our Aqua Clear base, which is lightly tinted blue. You can also customize the color of your counters so they’re any hue under the sun.

Since you want to pair your countertop with your oak cabinetry, we recommend our metallic hues. They come in shades of brown that should be a good complement to the light or dark oak that occupies your kitchen.

You can also select a color that’s a good match for light brown, such as orange, gold, turquoise, yellow, blue, or white. Our team at CBD Glass even gives you the option to combine several colors into one for a truly one-of-a-kind glass countertop color.

Here is a good example of what our CBD Glass team can do. This backpainted kitchen counter in the brown family could be very matchy-matchy with your light oak cabinetry. If you order one of our glass backsplashes in a similar color, you can get a seamless color match from the counter, up to the walls, and right up to your cabinets.

You might wonder whether blue really looks good with oak, but we assure you that it does. Here’s another glass countertop example from a happy CBD customer that proves it. Their wooden cabinetry looks fantastic with our Aqua Clear glass!

As the above examples prove, adding color to the glass isn’t the only service we offer at CBD Glass. We can also texturize your glass countertop. We offer a variety of textures to select from, including those that look like melting ice, rushing water, and even a serene night sky.

You can also get LED lighting installed with your glass countertop, which will really make the texturizing look great. Our LED lights are available in hues such as white, green, blue, and red.

If you’re interested in learning more about our glass kitchen countertops, or you want to place an order today, you can call CBD Glass at 855-872-4223.