What Countertops Can You Put Hot Pans On?

You’ve cooked up a storm tonight. You want to put a hot pan on your stovetop, but all the available surface area has already been used up. You have no choice but to rest a hot pan on your countertop.

Do you have to take heed before you do so? You certainly should, yes! Some countertop materials are better able to withstand the heat of a pan than others.

Glass kitchen counters are one of these. You see, glass cannot burn, although at very hot temperatures, it can melt. However, those temperatures are far hotter than any person could withstand, as they’re between 1,400 and 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit!

You would hate to spend thousands of dollars on a granite or marble countertop only to mar it with a big black ring from your burning hot pan, right? You need a kitchen countertop that you can rely on any time for years to come, such as a glass counter.

glass kitchen island

If you’re still not totally convinced, glass kitchen countertops are beneficial in a multitude of other ways. For instance, keeping your counter tidy will be as easy as ever. You can save money on pricy kitchen cleaning products that give off harsh fumes and use some dish soap and water instead.

That’s right, all it takes is dish soap to remove smudges and grime from your glass kitchen countertops. With a few minutes of rubbing with a microfiber cloth, your counter will look spotless.

If you’re worried about permanent stains, that’s not an issue with glass. It won’t stain, so whether you spill wine, tomato sauce, or bacon grease on your counters, you can quickly wipe it away without any signs of it ever being there.

That’s a great feeling. After all, when you invest in a countertop, you do so with the expectation that it will look good for years to come. That will be the case if your countertop is glass!

If you frequently find yourself running out of stovetop space, perhaps you need a kitchen island as well. At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we specialize in custom glass countertops and kitchen islands.

glass kitchen bar top

Our glass accent pieces are built durable with several glass thicknesses available. You can customize nearly every aspect of your glass kitchen countertop (and kitchen island). Select from standard rectangular or square shapes, go circular with your counter, or do something completely outside of the norm. It’s your choice!

If you’re a lover of color, especially in the kitchen, then you’ll love our backpainting services. Our team of experts will paint the back of your glass surface so the color is visible through the front. It’s a very cool effect that’s available in single colors and multi-colors!

Speaking of cool effects, our textured counters are sure to leave your jaw on the floor. With many texture options to choose from, we can etch the glass so it looks like shifting sand dunes or a peaceful galaxy. Be sure to ask about our LED lighting, which is a must if you get your glass kitchen counter textured!