What Countertops Are Nonporous?

You’ve spent some time crunching the numbers and you’re pleased to say you finally have a sizable enough budget for new kitchen countertops. This is a day you’ve been dreaming of for quite a while, as your counters are in bad shape.

You’re looking for nonporous countertop materials, as they’re resistant to liquids. This means that if you accidentally spill a beverage or other fluids such as cooking oil on your counters that they’re not going to stain.

Staining really was a major issue with your current counters, so it’s something you’d like to avoid this time around if you can. All that said, which countertops are nonporous?

Well, you have many choices in countertop material. Quartz is nonporous, as is metal. Yet the problem with quartz is that, while it’s an appealing countertop choice, it’s very expensive. You already have a budget for a new countertop, but quartz could very well be outside of that budget.

As for metal, it has lots of disadvantages. Compared to other countertop types, metal counters make a lot of noise when you use them, especially if you’re preparing dishes with metal on metal. Metal counters also scratch easily, and if you’re not too careful, you can dent your counter by placing a heavy load on it.

That brings us to another nonporous countertop material: glass. In the durability department, you might assume that glass counters can’t compare to metal or quartz, but that’s simply not true. In fact, glass countertops have several advantages that neither quartz nor metal does.

For example, glass countertops are more reasonably priced than quartz. You should be able to get a sizable glass countertop with your current budget so you can overhaul those old counters immediately.

Glass doesn’t make it a sound when you use it, the same of which you cannot say for metal. A glass counter also doesn’t scratch easily, although it’s not impervious to scratches altogether. You’d have to be quite careless to make noticeable scratches in a glass countertop though.

Won’t glass shatter? Not if you buy a high-quality glass countertop such as what we offer at CBD Glass. We’re a Canadian manufacturer of glass accent items that you customize. One such option you have when you work with us is to choose the thickness of your glass up to two inches thick.

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You can also get your glass counters textured so they have more appeal and dimension. With our LED lighting in white or multiple hues, you can keep your kitchen illuminated at night. The texture of your glass counter will also look stunning when the LEDs are on!

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