What Color Grout Should I Use for a Glass Backsplash?

You made the switch to a glass backsplash, and you’ve never looked back. The way the smooth glass beautifies your kitchen is one of your favorite parts of your backsplash, but it’s also been beneficial to you in many other ways.

For instance, keeping your backsplash clean has been easy, as all you need is a soft cloth and some dish detergent. You also love how quickly glass cleans up.

Yet the time has come to maintain your glass backsplash, as it’s coming a little loose. You want to reapply the grout in that wobbly corner, but you have no idea what color grout to use. Which shade will hide the presence of the grout so your backsplash looks as good as it did when it was first installed?

glass backsplash

Here are our suggestions.


The best grout color by far for glass backsplashes is white. More than likely, when you first got your backsplash installed, the team used white grout. The bright hue makes the glass look that much brighter without ruining the translucent effect.


If you can’t get your hands on white grout because your home improvement store is all sold out, the second-best hue is gray. With more than 101 different gray shades, narrowing it down to just one can be difficult, but not with our tips.

We recommend avoiding any dark shades of gray, especially those that are close to black. Black has the opposite effect of white on your glass backsplash, making the grout very apparent. Mid-grays might still be too dark, so choose lighter grays whenever you can.

glass backsplash

Dominant Color

Not all customers choose a single-colored glass backsplash. For those with a multicolored mosaic backsplash, you have the most options for which grout color you use. That still doesn’t mean that anything goes, though.

A very dark color can take away from the tesserae or each individual tile that comprises the mosaic. Choosing a color that’s too close to the tesserae shades will make the richness of that color look a bit too dull. Yet picking a color that’s wildly contrasting will take your eye away from the backsplash and guide it onto the grout.

You want a color that’s complementary to the hues in the backsplash but not too matchy-matchy. Downplayed colors will look best such as white, light gray, or other light shades.

A website called The Joy of Shards lets you preview how various grout colors would look against a tile mosaic. This tool can help you choose the right hue!

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