What Are the Kitchen Trends for 2020?

You consider yourself sort of a trendsetter, especially when it comes to the décor in your home. If you have a kitchen remodel on your agenda for the latter half of this year, you may wonder which kitchen trends have emerged in 2020 that are worth following.

Here are some of our favorites that you may wish to emulate!

Keep Things Simple

If you have a centerpiece in your kitchen, such as new cabinets or a glass kitchen island, you want those elements to really shine, correct? By overdecorating the rest of your kitchen, you risk your centerpiece being drowned out.

Many kitchens that were renovated in 2020 have successfully taken on a simpler approach. This lends your kitchen a timelessness so you won’t have to remodel it for years to come!

Bright Backsplashes

Backsplashes have become more than solely a means of protecting your walls, but also as a décor statement-maker in the kitchen (and the bathroom). The bigger the backsplash in this instance, the better! Don’t forget to go bold and funky in your decorating choices, be that a fun pattern, bright and eye-catching colors, an interesting shape, or some combination of these elements.

Aqua Décor

If you’re seeking a color to use as you redecorate your kitchen, aqua is very in for 2020. It’s not just aqua, by the way, but all the shades in that same color family, including jade and turquoise.

At CBD Glass, our Aqua Blue glass bases are already in the right trendy hue for your kitchen makeover. We also offer a unique service called backpainting, where we paint the underside of your glass accent item so it’s richly colored.

You have the freedom to choose nearly any color under the sun with our backpainting service, including shades of aqua!

Only Some Color

An otherwise plain white or single-hued kitchen can be transformed into an attractive space by adding small dashes of color. Once again, the backpainting services offered by our staff at CBD are one way to achieve this subtle injection of color.

You might also opt for a wall backsplash, colorful glass countertops, or even glass tabletops. You have so many options!

No More Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are not only costly, but they’re falling out of favor too. If your countertops are currently marble and you’re looking for an appealing and durable change, may we suggest our glass countertops?

At CBD Glass, we give you the freedom to customize all facets of your new glass countertop, including the thickness of the glass, the base color, its shape and size, whether it’s backpainted, if you want the glass textured, and if you’d prefer LED lights to illuminate your kitchen at night.

Our glass countertops are durable and quite easy to clean. Using a soft cloth and some dish soap, you can easily remove smudges, food residue, and other messes. Why not call CBD Glass today to discuss your kitchen glass project? You are a trendsetter after all, and our team can help you create a kitchen that has all the above design elements.