What are the different types of glass countertops?

So many countertops, so little time! CBD Glass, a designer of home accent pieces in Toronto, helps customers design and install their dream countertops, but which kind is right for you?

To help you narrow your options, we’ve put together this blog post outlining the types of glass countertops you can select.

Glass Tabletops

Resourceful, appealing, useful, and stylish, glass tabletops lend a contemporary edge to any room they appear in. Our glass tabletops are available in many sizes, colors, and styles. 

Many of our customers opt for square-shaped or rectangular tabletops, creating an ideal alcove for dining, lounging, and enjoying togetherness. However, that’s far from your only option.

Oval or square-shaped tabletops lend modernism, and angular shapes will turn heads. Our additional services, including backpainting, texturing, and LED lighting, make a glass tabletop a work of art as much as a place to sit.

glass desk

Glass Bar Tops

You’re already living the dream by owning a home bar, so why not take that dream one step further with a glass bar top? This smooth, shiny, sleek surface is ideal for sliding a drink down the bar to your buddies. 

Our artisans at CBD Glass can create a glass bar top in any shape you desire, whether a traditional rectangle or something curved. 

Our raised bars are a great way to bring the bar vibe to any room of the house, including the dining room, kitchen, or serving room. These raised glass surfaces can decorate a traditional counter made of materials outside of glass, lending the counter freshness and appeal. 

Glass Bathroom Countertops

Make your bathroom a pure place of refuge with a glass bathroom countertop built and installed by CBD Glass. Our luxurious glass bathroom counters create a unique place for washing your face, brushing your teeth, and relaxing away the day’s stresses.

We have features available to take your glass bathroom countertop above and beyond. First, there’s the shape. We can build his-and-hers counters or a glass counter for one in a long rectangle, L-shape, or circular design.

Our selection of glass vessel sinks and integrated sinks is a splendid accompaniment.

Further, you can select from backpainting, LED lighting, and texturing. The LED lighting is especially great so you don’t have to stumble around in the dark if you’re up in the middle of the night having to use the bathroom. 

glass bathroom countertops

Glass Kitchen Countertops 

Arguably, our biggest-selling counter product is our glass kitchen counters. Our happy customers adore our myriad customization options. We’ll create your dream kitchen counter precisely how you like it, in any shape or style you can envision. 

Why stop at the counter? Our team can design a matching kitchen island. Imagine how good your kitchen will look with a glass-covered counter complete with LED lighting and an eye-catching color. 

One of the biggest benefits of glass for a kitchen counter is how easily it cleans. You can use soap and water to wipe it down. Glass is also nonporous so germs can’t hide, making your kitchen a healthier place for enjoying family meals.