Wall-Mount vs. Pedestal Sinks

Your first home remodeling project of 2021 is buying a new bathroom sink. Perhaps it leaks too often, so while getting new pipework, you decided an updated sink was in order too. Maybe the sink has become discolored from years or use, it’s way out-of-date, or it hogs up precious room in your bathroom.

No matter what’s motivating you to change out your sink this year, you have a decision to make. What type of sink is best for your bathroom? You might like wall-mounted sinks or maybe you’re more of a pedestal sink person, but you can only have one.

How do you choose? In today’s post, that’s exactly what we’ll help you do.

Wall-Mount Sink Pros

Your first of the two options is a wall-mounted sink. As you might have inferred, these sinks are installed against a wall without touching the floor. This creates the illusion that your sink is floating. A wall-mounted sink also opens up valuable floor space in your bathroom, something which is integral if this room is smaller.

Our team at CBD Glass are experts in designing and installing wall-mount bathroom sinks. Here’s one an example of our work.

This awe-inspiring sink in translucent blue dribbles and drips like a real waterfall. You have no shortage of sink space considering this sink is 40 inches wide.

If you’d prefer a more classic look for your wall-mount sink, we can do that too. This sink is right up your alley.

Our CBD customer asked for a shapely sink in a bronze color. This sink almost doesn’t look like it’s made of glass, but rather, metal.

Wall-Mount Sink Cons

One major downside of wall-mount sinks is that they’re sparse on storage space. You get what you can fit on the sink and that’s it.

Pedestal Sink Pros

Pedestal sinks are named such because it looks like the sink’s basin is attached to a pedestal. Typically one long, singular piece, pedestal sinks can add sophistication to any bathroom.

Here’s one such pedestal sink that our CBD team created for a very pleased customer. The oyster shape invokes the beach, and the natural beige color is a great match for the golden ivory walls of this bathroom.

We’re also big fans of this glass pedestal sink, what with its fanned-out, wavy shape and beautiful navy blue color. Something like this in your bathroom would really jazz it up, right?

What if you have a big family and you need a double sink? Pedestal sinks are especially good for that. Take a look at this double glass pedestal sink we installed for a CBD customer. It’s the perfect solution when a lot of people need to use one bathroom.

Pedestal Sink Cons

Pedestal sinks, as beautiful as they are, do have some downsides. You’re often limited on storage space since a pedestal sink contains no medicine cabinet. The biggest problem with a pedestal sink though is how much room this fixture takes up. If you have a small bathroom, cramming a pedestal sink in there can make the room feel cramped.