Tips For Caring For Your Glass Furniture

Buying furniture is a long-term investment. From couches to tables and everything in between, you fully expect this furniture to be a statement piece you have for years to come. That’s why when you shop for furniture, you have to do so carefully. You want something that’s classy yet timeless, modern but not too modern in that it’ll be out of style in the next two years.

You may browse around for couches made of luxe fabrics like velvet or leather or even a cotton blend and tables made of metal and wood, but have you ever considered getting glass furniture before? Your main question may be this: if a table or desk is made completely of glass, wouldn’t it be more likely to break?

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Not if you buy from a reputable company like CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We custom design and manufacture a variety of glass accent pieces for the home, including railings, shower enclosures and doors, frameless doors, sinks and vanities, backsplashes and countertops and bar tops. Our glass products are renowned for their strength, beauty, and appeal.

You’ve probably had tables, chairs, and accent pieces partially made of glass before, but there are a lot of benefits to getting furniture made entirely out of glass. Besides your ability to customize this exactly as you like when you order from CBD Glass, you’ll also find that glass furniture is much easier to clean and care for than that made of wood or metal.

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How do you keep your glass furniture looking clean and spotless? Here’s how.

Be careful about what you put on glass surfaces. Just because the glass items from CBD are thick and durable doesn’t mean they can’t crack. Ask our staff at CBD about weight limits for certain items, like desks or end tables, and then make sure you stick within that limit. You can probably fit a laptop, a lamp, and a few picture frames on one of our tables, for instance, but a bulky desktop computer may be pushing it.

Also, when thinking of the items you’ll put on your glass furniture, consider how likely these are to accidentally scratch or otherwise damage the glass surface. Any poky decorative items should probably be placed elsewhere. Choose smooth, flat items for your glass surfaces so these will look good for years.

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You may have wood and even leather cleaner in your cleaning arsenal. When it comes to wiping down the furniture around the house, this is what you rely on. However, with glass, you can ditch those chemicals. You can simply use liquid soap and a little bit of warm water. Now, you don’t necessarily have to run out and buy a fancy shammy cloth, but you should be careful about what you rub on the glass.

Coffee filter paper is actually a-okay, as are newspaper pages. Lint-free clothes are also preferable. If you’ve cleaned windows before, then you should know the technique for cleaning glass. Make sure to spritz and then rub the cleaner or water in one direction in long, straight motions. This prevents streaking all over the glass.