Thermoformed Glass from CBD Glass Is Available in Nearly Any Shape Imaginable

You’ve spent months perusing magazines and blogs to learn all the latest home design trends. You’ve saved every penny possible to budget for the price of your project. You have very specific ideas in mind, and now you’re ready to make them a reality. If you’re thinking of remodeling with steel, wood, or other metals, you can transcend these common materials. Glass is a viable option that adds instant sophistication and beauty to any home.

CBD Glass is a company renowned for its gorgeous glass products. These include bricks, furniture, railings, shower enclosures and doors, frameless doors for any room in the house, vanities and sinks, backsplashes, countertops and other decorative glass items. Unlike some glass companies, where what you see is what you get, at CBD Glass, your glass is made the way you want it.

Desk with countertop (Improve)1

Are you envisioning a glass home bar down the basement? Perhaps you want a coffee table with a heavily textured glass surface? Are you dreaming of a wavy glass railing that mimics the natural beauty of running water? CBD Glass can craft these glass pieces and more with a process called thermoforming. This involves cranking the temperature on a heater until it’s very warm. The glass softens and becomes more malleable so it can be bent, curved, and shaped as desired. If the customer wants a unique texture, this soft glass is perfect for etching a stunning surface texture.

Countertop textures

Ready to pick the texture for your glass? At CBD Glass, your options are almost endless. Just some of your choices are the linear style (with lines of various thicknesses across), the pixel style (made to look like your favorite old school video game), the desert style (which resembles a dry desert), the avalanche style (with deep cuts), the galaxy style, the flow style (with smooth, wavy lines), the stream style and similar unda style, the sandstorm style in various colors and transparencies, and the melting ice style in various transparencies.

Kitchen glass countertop (Bill Owad)6

Don’t stop there though. When you shop with CBD Glass, you can also choose whether you want your glass piece tinted. By choosing an ultra-clear or aqua blue base, you have the option to inject a small dose of color to your glass railings, sinks, or other items. In some cases, you can choose the edge texture of your glass as well. Some items, like countertops, can be finished with an appealing surface treatment. This adds another layer of texture and color to the one you have already chosen. Select from the black onyx, green onyx, white onyx, colored, or stonewashed surface treatment.

Backpainted countertop & backsplash3 (Mariana)

Want more colors? Just say so. At CBD Glass, most glass items can be backpainted to give them a luminous shine. If you like neutral shades like copper, amber, black, white, silver, and gold, you can get these. If you prefer the colors of the rainbow, like blue, red, green, and yellow, CBD Glass offers these as well. You can even choose multicolored backpainted glass. To get the glass item you’ve been looking for, contact CBD Glass today.