The Versatility of Glass Counters in Different Room Settings

When you hear “counter,” your mind probably jumps right to the kitchen, correct? However, counters run the gamut and include far more than food prep surfaces. In fact, glass counters are so versatile that you can enjoy them in many rooms of the home.

If you’ve recently begun redecorating or are soon planning a renovation, check out the multitude of ways to use glass countertops from top to bottom. 


Glass display shelving

By far, a glass counter’s most popular and known usage is in the kitchen. Glass makes sense as a food prep surface, as it’s nonporous and won’t accumulate cooking juices and food particles that can cause dangerous illnesses. 

Glass is also stain-proof, so even if you spill a bottle of cooking oil (or maybe that fancy bottle of wine), it won’t ruin your counters. 

Another usage of glass counters in the kitchen is a central island. You can place a hot pan or tray directly on the glass island after baking or cooking without concerns, as glass can withstand temperatures well over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dining Room

Transparent counter tops

After working hard to lovingly prepare a family meal, sit down with your loved ones at a glass dining table. Again, the non-stain qualities of glass are a lifesaver here, especially if you have young children or rambunctious pets who like to make a mess of things. 

Beyond its stainproof qualities, glass is also germ-resistant. As a nonporous surface, bacteria can’t linger in crevices the same way it can with counters made of other materials. You can truly enjoy your family meals with less risk of illness being passed from family member to family member. 

And when mealtime wraps up, glass cleans in an instant using a microfiber cloth and mild dish soap. You can be on the couch catching up on your favorite television show before you know it. 


Glass bar counters

Glass is a must for counters in the bathroom for many of the traits already outlined. Its nonporousness will reduce the spread of germs, which is important in a room where the family primps and preens at different times. 

The stain-free quality of glass is also excellent in case you or the kids spill a serum, powder, or product all over the bathroom counter. Also beneficial is how easy glass is to clean. Scouring your bathroom is time-consuming enough, so if you can save time on any task, you’ll gladly take the opportunity. 

Home Bar


Do you do a lot of entertaining at home? You might have carved out a home bar in your finished basement or the den. If so, glass is one of the best countertop materials you can ask for. When you slide drinks to your friends, you can be confident that you’re not sending germs their way.

When spills inevitably happen, you can clean them up in a jiffy without the worry about staining the counters. Oh, and how easily glass cleans is also to your benefit. You’re entertaining, but you want to take a break too sometimes, and with a glass counter, that’s totally doable.