The Uses & Benefits of Raised Glass Countertops

Here at CBD Glass we make a large variety of different architectural glass elements, one of our biggest selling products is Glass Counter tops.  More recently this has shifted more towards Raised Glass Counter tops, mainly because it does not require you to re-do your current counter tops.  Raised Glass Bar and Counter Tops are a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen without breaking the bank.  While the thought of updating your kitchen counter tops can be daunting, a raised glass counter top from CBD Glass is the easiest way to add contemporary style to your kitchen without having to redo your current counter tops. Instead of rearranging the layout of your counters, GBD glass countertops can be simply connected to any part of your kitchen.

There are various ways to add a touch of style and modernity to your kitchen with raised glass counter tops; here are a few:


The standoff/angle bracket raised glass counter top is a glass top that attaches to the counters that are already in place using a stainless steel bracket. This is a simple way to add a sophisticated design element to your kitchen.


In the above example, this raised glass counter top was added to these existing granite counter top adding more eating/drinking/entertaining space in the kitchen.


This type of glass can be added to your current counter tops in order to give your counters a new look and feel. You can choose from different options to modify the glass, from the thickness you prefer to different textures and clarity. You can also choose from a stainless steel substrate (click here for an example) or a wood substrate as featured below:

Keith Bryant2


The Glass Bar Top will not only add a touch of style to your kitchen, but it will also give you additional space. This type of glass top can be added as an extension off the top of a peninsula, and will provide more useful surface area to your kitchen for eating and drinking. This is also a completely effortless way to add additional seating areas. The raised glass bar top extension gives your kitchen both modern style and functionality.

Bath Emporium1


Unlike the raised glass bar top, the glass tabletops do not have to be an extension to a peninsula or counter and do not have to be raised. In fact, these glass tops can be a standalone tabletop to add more counter space to your kitchen area without compromising your current kitchen layout. The glass tabletop can be added to the side of a peninsula, or it can even come right out of a wall as in this example.  In the below example the glass table top is coming from a few inches below the counter top surface.

Nella Maritano

As you can see CBD Glass offers a plethora of different raised glass countertop options that can modernize and completely change the look and feel of your existing kitchen, without the need to replace your current set-up.  Every kitchen is unique and we build all of our pieces specifically for each client.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more feel free to call us today at 1.866.872.4223!