The Types of Glass Sinks Offered at CBD

You’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom this spring, but admittedly, you’re not sure what to do. You’ve browsed around on countless websites, checked out Pinterest, and even read a few interior decorating magazines. Still, you’re not decided on any one way to decorate your bathroom, at least not yet.

Here at CBD Glass, we think we can help. No matter your personal tastes, we have glass sinks to match. All the products we offer here at CBD are made of glass. Unlike other stores, where what you see is what you get, at CBD, we let our clients customize everything. You can design your glass sink from the ground up.

What kinds of glass sinks can you choose from if you work with us at CBD? Here’s a list of our great offerings.

Pedestal Sinks

Our dainty, upscale pedestal sinks don’t only look great in your bathroom, but they’re at home just as much in a powder room. Whether you want a more modern look or something that’s timeless, you can find it here at CBD Glass.

These pedestal sinks hide ugly pipes, cranks, and other plumbing fixtures that might detract from your bathroom décor. Even better, your bathroom appears larger with a pedestal sink. That’s because you have more room on the floor, which visually widens up the room.

Wall-Mount Sinks

Another great option you might consider? Our hugely appealing wall-mount sinks. These seemingly free-floating sinks look great in even tiny bathrooms where you don’t have a lot of room to spare.

Our wall-mount sinks can have a simple, basic design if that’s what you’re into. Many of our clients opt for our waterfall glass sinks, though. With the way the glass hangs over the edge, it mimics the natural flow of a waterfall. If you get the glass tinted a beautiful sky blue, the waterfall look comes together in an amazing way.

Vessel Sinks

Our vessel sinks sell incredibly well. That’s because, here at CBD Glass, we design them in so many ways. You can select the color, material, shape, and size, giving you awesome versatility. If you want just a glass bowl sink, we offer those aplenty. Some of our clients have even had their glass back-painted multiple colors for a truly unique bathroom addition.

Remember, your vessel sink doesn’t have to be a perfect circle. You can play around with the size, shape, and texture so it looks as refined or simple as your tastes dictate. Have fun with the process!

Integrated Basins and Sinks

Last but certainly not least, there’s our integrated basins and sinks. These take up the entire counter. That makes cleaning a breeze. In the past, some of our clients have gotten their vanities designed so the glass sink hovers above the counter itself. The glass attaches via little metal legs. The overall effect looks great!

No matter which of our sinks you like best, we’re ready to start working with you. To begin today, call CBD Glass at 1-855-872-4223.