The Science Behind Glass Countertops- How They’re Made

Have you ever taken a look at your glass counters and wondered where they come from? By the time they arrived to you, the counters were already manufactured, and when we design them, they’re nowhere near their starting phase.

So how exactly are glass countertops made, and what science lies behind it? Let’s review, as it’s quite exciting!

glass counter production

Waste Glass Collection

Glass doesn’t materialize from thin air. In the case of recycled glass counters, the glass must be sourced from somewhere. Otherwise, it comes from sand that’s heated to a high degree to create glass.

When sourcing recycled glass, crafting long-term relationships with local manufacturers is critical to ensuring the quality and longevity of the glass. Manufacturers will sort through the glass, ensuring its quality is suitable for countertops and other home accent items.

Preparing the Glass

Recycled glass must undergo a sorting process, even with trusted partnerships, to ensure ita quality for the glass manufacturer. After sorting through the glass, it’s next crushed to create more uniform pieces suitable for building a glass counter.

That happens through a process known as casting. The recycled glass goes through a large heating element, where it fuses together. Calibration will occur at this stage as well.

Melting sand into glass requires temperatures of more than 3,090 degrees Fahrenheit. This oddly specific temperature is the exact melting point of glass.

Although you don’t often think of sand as malleable, it’s incredibly so in this state. A glass worker can create shapes that comprise a counter or another glass item.

Cutting the Glass

When the glass exits its heating element, it’s in about the right shape for our customers’ counter but may still not be the proper size. The next stage of the process is cutting the glass, which is often done using a CNC machine.

A worker will configure the shape and size of the glass piece and then run it through the machine. This is how you can get the custom counters you enjoy from our team at CBD Glass.

Polishing the Glass

Next, the glass undergoes polishing to give it its gorgeous, reflective shine. This step is what makes glass counters desirable to many customers.

Customizing the Glass

The last part of the process is the most open-ended. Customizing glass countertops means different things to our customers.

For example, some customers might want their glass counters textured. Others might only want the glass painted, and some might want a little bit of everything.

No matter what ideas you have for your glass counter, regardless of how simple or ornate, we can make them a reality.

Send us your blueprints or drawings, and we’ll generate a quote. Our team will work tirelessly with you to create a custom glass counter for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar.