The Role of Glass Countertops in Modern Interior Design

No one wishes for a kitchen or bathroom that’s a blast from the past, yet you’ll be the first to admit your home looks like a relic of a bygone era. You’re eager to upgrade to something more modern sooner than later.

Glass countertops have led the charge for what is modern interior design. Here are some trends in interior design and where glass counters fit in.

Natural Is Best

Today’s interior design wholeheartedly embraces natural colors and materials. It hardly gets more natural than glass.

Although you can customize your glass kitchen or bathroom counter to your heart’s content when you hire glass accent company CBD Glass, we can also leave your glass counters simple and natural without looking plain.

Layered Lighting

One light to rule them all is tired. Modern interior design is all about layered lighting, where one switch turns on some lights but not a major overhead light.

You can achieve that effect with a glass countertop in the kitchen or bathroom through CBD’s LED lighting. We’ll install LEDs around and above your counter that illuminate the night yet aren’t the main light in either room.

These lights look exceptional if you utilize our glass texturing service.

colorful glass countertop

Texture, Texture, and More Texture

Do you know what else is having a moment in modern interior design trends? That’s right, it’s texture. Let’s take this moment to further elaborate on our glass texturing at CBD Glass.

Glass texturing refers to adding a unique pattern across the surface of a kitchen or bathroom counter. We offer a stunning assortment of glass textures with more than a dozen options.

Some of the textures you might choose will resemble a starry galaxy, melting ice, rushing water, or a moving stream. The texture transforms the look of your glass counter and makes it a rightful focal point in your modernized home.

Curves Are In

It’s out angular edges and hello curves! What better way to wholeheartedly try this interior design trend than by ordering a round counter from CBD Glass? We don’t only have to build your counter in rectangular or square shapes, after all!

We can customize the shape to whatever your heart desires, whether that’s a traditional oval or circle or even a half-straight, half-curved creation.

Colors Come Back Around

Another trend in interior design is color. If your kitchen or bathroom could use a splash of brightness, a new glass counter could be just what you need.

The backpainting service we offer at CBD will present your new glass counter in the best light. We can impart the colors of a singular hue or several shades according to your preferences. You’ll love how vibrant your home looks and how on-point your countertops are.