The Next Big Thing Is Glass Countertops

You must admit it, you consider yourself a trendsetter. Whether it’s in fashion or home décor and design, you like to be on top of trends before they become popular. You have a refined sense of what’s will have staying power versus what will be a dud.

You certainly won’t want to miss glass countertops then. It’s about time that glass countertops get their time to shine, and 2022 and the rest of the 2020s could be that time. Here’s why glass countertops are the next big thing.

Timeless Appeal

Even though a trend is popular, for it to stick around, it must have some degree of timelessness. Otherwise, the trend becomes dated very quickly. That won’t be the case at all with glass countertops.

Sheer glass is about as timeless as you can get. Even coloring the glass still doesn’t suggest any age, as the most classic colors aren’t easily dated. A glass countertop is as appealing now as it will be five years from now, 10 years from now, and even 20 years from now!

How many other kitchen décor options can you say that about, let alone countertop materials? Not many, that’s for sure.

glass countertop island

Classic Yet Modern

Glass countertops are a big thing because they toe the line between classic and modern exceptionally well. As we’ve established, glass countertops show no age, yet in a kitchen, they give the room a classic type of feel.

You can also dress up glass countertops so they’re as modern as the latest iPhone. Perhaps you request a unique shape for your countertop like wavy or curvy lines rather than angular, straight ones.

You might be interested in trying LED backlighting in plain white or a variety of bright colors. The LED lights jazz up the whole kitchen display, illuminating in unique hues. By day, the LED lights add an almost futuristic look to your glass countertop.

By night, the entire thing lights up like a Christmas tree. If you or someone in your family is the midnight snack type, they’ll love the clear lights to the fridge.

Easy to Clean

Who has time to be inundated with housework anymore? Certainly not you. That’s why today’s kitchen solutions must be fast to clean and not require too much elbow grease.

Keeping your glass countertops looking good couldn’t be simpler. Use a soft cloth to prevent scratching the surface of the glass. Rather than specialized cleaners, you can put some water and dish soap in a shallow bowl, dip the cloth in, and begin cleaning.

The only thing to remember is to wipe your glass surfaces in one direction so they dry without streaks!

bathroom glass countertop


These days, everyone wants something unique, especially for their kitchens. With a glass countertop from CBD Glass in Canada, that’s exactly the kind of tailored solution we can deliver. We’ll customize your glass countertop shape, thickness, size, and color. Your counter will be more than a place for prepping meals, but the talk of the block!