The Most Beautiful Glass Sculptures in the World

Glass has been used to create art and other objects since the third millennium BC. Due to the difficulty of working with glass to create beautiful sculptures and other forms of art, it was typically reserved for royalty. Once glass made its mark on the world and they were able to refine the process for making and working with glass, it began to be used in everyday objects.  We can see this in items such as jewelry, windows, and many other objects that were once made from iron or steel. CBD Glass mission is to continue innovating and creating beautiful artwork out of this ancient material. Around the world there are many beautiful sculptures made entirely of glass and there are no signs of glass’s timeless beauty of running out.

Glass Sculptures

Dale Chihuly           

In the world of glass art, no one has become more of an icon than Dale Chihuly, He creates masterpieces of art that are full of colors and shapes. He has become one of the foremost masters of art sculptures and is included in more than 200 hundred museum collections worldwide. He is best known for his glass sculpture “The Sun” from the “Gardens of Glass” Exhibition in Kew Gardens in London. He works with all types of colors as well as using individual separate glass objects. His use of stunning colors and strange shapes to create what most wouldn’t believe is possible is what separate him from most. He was also responsible for the world’s largest glass chandelier,“Fiori Di Como”, which is in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.


Image source: http://www.chihuly.com/the-sun-2006-newyorkbot_detail.aspx

Venetian Glass

Glass has been used in architecture and art all over the world, but nowhere is it more praised or perfected than by the Venetians in Venice. Over the years Venice, Italy has become the leader for glass art because of the type of glass they use and also the techniques used to create some of the most beautiful glass sculptures in the world. The most famous of these are the Murano Glass Sculptures that are on exhibit on the Island of Murano in Venice at the Museso del Vetro Palazzo Giustinian. Along with sculptures, there are other works of art that display the rich history of glass use in the area. They began with simple products like mirrors and glass chandeliers and are now producing much more intricate work like jewelry, paper weights, vases and glasses. They have become prized collectables for those who are able to find the original Murano glass works.


Image Source: http://www.chuuonthis.com/murano-island-of-glass/

At CBD Glass our mission is to bring the beauty and elegance of glass into your home. We want to make it easy to share our love and passion for this ancient art with everyone. CBD Glass makes sure that the work that you need can be customized to match exactly what you want, whether it be a beautiful sculpture or something with a more practical use like one of our glass countertops, you will find everything you need at CBD Glass.