The Glass Bar Top Experience

Architecturally speaking, the way a space feels is just as important as the way that space looks. Whether you’re designing a bar area in your restaurant or hotel, the addition of a glass bar top from CBD will provide any visitor with a luxurious visual delicacy and, most importantly, an experience like no other.


Our LED back-lit glass bar tops provide the utmost elegance and the stunning stimulation that can only come from the creation of ambiance. The use of this architectural element provides the visitor of your bar with an experience that is truly unique, beautiful, and modern. Our modern glass bar counter tops capture more than just one sense with a marvelous look & feel that is sure to bring out the best in your bar’s overall experience.

James2 8 x 6

Our decorative glass bar tops can be designed in an array of textures like the melting ice surface pictured above, which we have used in various wildly successful commercial projects.

The many textures that CBD can add to a bar top evoke a visual and tactile delight, reminiscent of the simplistic beauty found in nature. Our available textures range from the very exotic, to the very familiar, named after streams, sandstorms, avalanches and deserts.

Del Monte5

Adding our decorative glass to a bar is an adventurous move, no doubt, but such an architectural element has the potential to transform any mundane bar top. If what you’re looking for is a more simplistic yet awe-inspiring element, CBD can provide glass tops that are simultaneously simple and exquisite. You may choose from an extensive selection of glass colors, textures, thicknesses, and cuts. The CBD studio has its very own production facility, providing our customers with boundless opportunity to be inventive.

Del Monte2 8 x 6

Whether you are looking for an astonishing LED lit element to add to your commercial bar, or just a dash of sophisticated style, CBD can provide glass bar countertops with unparalleled beauty and an undeniable artistic sensibility.