The Evolution of Glass


Let’s take a look at the evolution of glass throughout history:


  • Manmade glass from Egypt and Mesopotamia is believed to date back as far as 3500BC
  • Some of the most used form of glass found around 3000BC was in glazes for ceramic vessels


  • Findings of glass from Syria are said to date back to 1600BC
  • The first manual for glassmaking was written in 650BC
  • A Glass Blow Pipe was developed around 30BC around the Mediterranean


  • Glassmaking became more commercial in the Roman Empire around 100AD
  • Glass development and growth occurred in the Mediterranean during the 50-400ad


  • Venice was the leading developers in glass production around 1270AD
  • Glass was turned into Broad Sheets in 1220AD in Sussex, England
  • Eyeglass were developed in Italy around the year 1285AD
  • Clear, colorless glass, and crown glass were developed around 1300AD



  • Lenses for Microscopes and Telescopes were produced originally in 1590AD in the Netherlands
  • France became the leaders in glass development 1600AD
  • Glass was made in America for the first time around 1610AD
  • Lead was infused into glass to make it easy to cut by George Ravenscroft around 1680AD


  • With the Industrial Revolution, the glass industry took off with developments in 1800AD
  • By the 1830’s they developed Glass Pressing
  • Robert Lucas produced and developed the Improved Cylinder Sheet in the 1830’s
  • In the year 1867 AD the first Regenerative Glass Furnace patent was passed for the Siemens Brothers
  • Around the year 1880AD wood was no longer the fuel for heating glass but instead coal
  • Wired cast glass was invented by Pilkington in 1898


  • A process known as “Float Glass” was produced in the 1950’s
  • Fluoride Glass was developed in France around 1984AD


Glass Making Today

Glass making has evolved and continued to evolve throughout the history of the world and its uses are nearly endless. Glass can be used to make anywhere from Eye Glasses, Plates, Bottles, Lightbulbs, Windows, of course Glass Countertops, & much more! With the many techniques that have existed for centuries we continue to better our understanding of glass and how to make the highest quality glass products.

Here at CBD Glass we are proud to be using the latest technology and techniques on our glass fixtures, countertops, sinks, & all of our other products in order to have glass that can perform at its best. Our facility contains a fully equipped glass production line with state of the art research capabilities. We continue to innovate for our clients using anything from texture, form, and color to adapt to each unique customer’s needs.