The Best and Worst Kitchen Countertops

You’ve decided that your kitchen countertops have got to go, but the big question becomes which material you’ll replace them with. You feel like you’ve looked at every countertop material under the sun, but you’re still having a hard time deciding.

What are the best kitchen countertop materials? Which are the worst?

Answering that is somewhat subjective since everyone’s tastes differ, but it’s also non-subjective. There are, after all, huge differences in quality between Formica and granite counters.

The Worst Kitchen Countertop Materials

Let’s start then with the worst kitchen countertop materials.

Solid surfaces may seem like a good investment. After all, the counters are nonporous and don’t require a lot of cleanup or maintenance. However, without a sealing layer atop the solid surface, it can ding or scratch when in contact with pots, pans, plates, and knives.

Laminate isn’t much better, especially Formica. The countertops are cost-effective, that’s true, but they’re often sort of ugly to look at if we’re being honest. If you scratch a laminate kitchen counter, you’ll certainly notice it. You also have to be careful about hot cooking surfaces around your counters, since the laminate can burn.

Staining can occur, as can peeling of the laminate layers. This is caused by moisture buildup that accumulates over the years from regular usage.

The Best Kitchen Countertop Materials

Now that we’ve thoroughly covered the worst kitchen countertop materials, let’s switch gears and talk about the best ones.

Although granite and marble are the two countertop materials at the top of everyone’s list, we wouldn’t select them over glass kitchen counters. Marble is very fragile and prone to chipping. It also stains easily even with a layer of sealant on top. Granite can stain too and is very expensive.

Glass countertops though are stain-free since they’re nonporous. They’re not entirely scratch-resistant, but it’s a lot harder to damage a glass kitchen counter than one that’s made of marble or laminate.

Doesn’t glass break easily? Not when the glass is thick! It can still chip through misuse, but if you take good care of your glass counter, you can enjoy this kitchen addition for many years to come.

Cleaning a glass countertop might be the best part of all since it’s so easy. All you need is a soft cloth and some water with dish detergent. Germs have nowhere to hide, so you can be sure you’re making a healthy choice for your whole family when you choose glass as your kitchen countertop material.

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