Summer Decorating Ideas: Using Glass Decor for Parties and Events

Summertime is coming up, and with it is the season to entertain friends and family. You’ll probably want your house in tip-top shape as you open it to guests. Besides cleaning, why not do some redecorating too? Don’t worry, you don’t have to gut your whole house and you don’t need to call a local home decorator. By placing glass décor accent pieces throughout the house, your party will be one of the most memorable events of the summer. Here are some decorating tips.

Having some friends over for an indoor event? They’ll be stunned when they see wall-mounted decorative glass pieces. These artistic expressions can be customized according to a customer’s preference for color, shape, and size. Don’t have a lot of wall space? Get a smaller wall-mounted piece. Have plenty of room? Try loading up on multiple accent pieces in various colors for a truly breathtaking living room or entertainment room.

Artistic picture on wall 2

Want to let everyone know where the party is? Glass logos and signage are great for commercial use, but for a backyard or home, these can also be a fun way to attract guests to a party.

Establish a classy, relaxing ambiance with sconces. These lovely lights look great in almost any room and are available in multiple textures and colors to perfectly match the décor in the rest of the home. Once the sun goes down, usher everyone in from the backyard and turn on these amazing lights. The party will go on well into the night.

Scounces full size

To really wow your party guests this summer, try a suspended glass ceiling. How do you want this to look? It’s all up to you. You can personalize every aspect of the ceiling, including the width and length and whether it’s made of pale blue aqua glass or transparent glass. Try hanging a lighting fixture from the suspended ceiling for an awe-inspiring room that no one will want to leave for the duration of the party.

You know what would really go well with that suspended ceiling? A decorative glass floor. You can get your whole floor redone or just a select few panels. Want a giant circular motif in the center of a room? It’s yours. Prefer glass bricks or tiles lining the floor instead of marble or wood? You can have your dream come true. Guests will be amazed.

Decorative Floor1

To instantly create privacy and keep rooms sectioned off during a party, try glass dividers. These are wonderful and functional. If you prefer your partitions mobile, you can order these so you can move them around at will. You can also get a glass divider permanently installed in a wall.

Divider (column)

Where you can find these incredible decorative glass accent pieces? CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada produces these and other glass items for the home and office like furniture, sinks and vanities, railings, shower doors, backsplashes, countertops, and more. You can send along a blueprint or drawing of the item you want and choose from many textures, colors, and even LED lights to get your decorative glass piece designed just in time for summer.