Standard or Exotic Textures for Decorative Glass?

Standard Textures Glass or Exotic Textures Glass?

When it comes to textured glass, CBD offers unique style choices that can make any room stand out, whether it is an exotic textures glass or a more classic standard texture. Although they both can “make you do a double take”, each style suits certain individuals better than others. Lets take a look at a few examples of each and help you choose which would be best for your application.

Is the standard textures design right for me?

Standard textures glass provides a classic look with incredible detail sure to pull the eye’s attention. Many of our standard glass designs have a theme that takes inspiration from natural elements such as the “Stream” design and our otherworldly “Galaxy” design, both pictured below.

Stream Standard Texture

These nature inspired designs are great for the individual who wants to display their appreciation for detailed yet more subtle textures. These textures work well with many elements throughout a home or commercial residence while assuring a look of the highest quality. Get more standard texture glass ideas from CBD if you appreciate the “Stream” and “Galaxy” designs pictured above and below.

Galaxy Standard Texture

Is the exotic texture design right for me?

Exotic is definitely the best word to describe these unique glass designs. CBD glass exotic textures provide a look certain to appeal to those who appreciate bold and creative design. From our alligator scale design (pictured below) to our exotic glass with handcrafted, multi-colored lines inlayed within the glass, no one will be able to miss these masterpieces.

Scale Exotic Texture

Our exotic texture glass is handcrafted with the highest detail and is a great conversation piece for any home or office. Impress any visitors and even yourself with the attention to quality and detail these pieces provide from our highly talented craftsmen at CBD glass studios.

Color Lines Exotic Texture

CBD is proud to provide the options for those who want a simpler yet classic textured glass to those who want to really stand out and have the ultimate handcrafted glass designs.