Spruce up Your Home Bar with Decorative Glass

You’re passionate about alcohol, and while you may not work as a bartender, a caterer, or hold a job in the hospitality industry, you do have quite an impressive collection of libations. Your beers, wines, whiskeys, ryes, and other types of alcohol are plentiful, enough so that you’re thinking of getting your own home bar. After all, you can enjoy your hobby and perfect your craft with the people who matter most: your friends, family, and neighbors.

Glass bartop (Mike Daniels)1

A home bar is a big investment, but one that can pay off dividends. These can typically improve a home’s value if the homeowner is looking into eventually reselling. Those who are considering getting a bar installed in their home should also get a glass bar top. Not only does this add an air of professionalism, but it’s also a really cool change from most home bars, which may be finished with wood.

Not sure where you could even start? CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada produces all sorts of decorative glass items for the home, including fixtures, bricks, countertops, sinks, shower doors, partitions, backsplashes, and more. The same bar tops this company sells are often chosen by the pros, such as restaurant and bar owners.

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It’s time to stop thinking about glass as fragile and breakable. Change your perception, since glass from CBD is made to last. It’s thick, and the customer can even adjust the width of the glass when they place their orders. While thick glass is certainly tough, it does still need to be treated with care.

There is so much you can do with glass. CBD Glass lets customers enjoy a variety of possibilities. The texture of a bar top is one way to really make a statement. This can be utterly smooth with a wavy texture just like the waves of the ocean. It can be tougher to mimic the gusting sands of the desert.

Kitchen glass countertops (Mike Daniels)

If you want your glass opaque, you can totally get it that way. Similarly, if you want it completely translucent, just ask. Do you have a certain color scheme in mind for your home bar? When you order glass from CBD, you have the option to choose between aqua blue or transparent glass. You can even request this glass is backpainted. This means a CBD pro paints the glass any color of the rainbow. You can even combine colors. The possibilities are endless.

How about some lights? Yes, that’s right. You may have some overhead light fixtures installed in your basement, but let the bar itself provide illumination with included LEDs. These lights can be fitted beneath the glass top so the bar glows. Friends, family, and other visitors will know just where to go once they arrive at the house.

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Are you interested in learning more? You can contact CBD glass by phone at 1.855.872.4223, by email at info@cbdglass, or by visiting their Toronto showroom. You can even get a quote just by filling out a form online. What are you waiting for? Your dream bar awaits.

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