Soapstone vs. Glass Countertops

In a recent blog post, we examined the pros and cons of slate and glass countertops. What if it’s not slate that you’re considering, but soapstone instead? You’re still not sure if soapstone or glass would be your ideal countertop material.

To help you make a decision you’ll be happy with, in this post, we’ll examine the benefits and downsides of soapstone countertops and then compare it to glass. You won’t want to miss it!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Soapstone Countertops?

Soapstone is a type of quarried steatite stone with dolomite, magnesite, chlorite, and sometimes talc. You won’t see talc in soapstone countertops in high quantities because it makes the soapstone softer and less durable, but it’s still in there.

What are the benefits of soapstone? It’s an appealing countertop material, as it comes in hues like charcoal gray, black, white, and other related colors. The natural marbling makes every soapstone countertop different. Soapstone is also nonporous for fast cleanup.

However, the biggest downside of a soapstone countertop is the lack of durability. No soapstone is completely without talc, as we said, which means that it’ll always be softer than some other countertop materials. These include granite. If you were to cut the ingredients to prep dinner right on a soapstone countertop, you’d leave chips and scratches behind.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Glass Countertops?

Since you’re also contemplating buying a glass countertop, let’s next examine that. One of the biggest advantages that glass has over soapstone is durability. That’s especially true when you order your glass countertop through CBD Glass. We’re a Toronto, Ontario, Canada custom glass design company. You can get your glass countertop as thick as you want it, but even thinner glass will be more durable than soapstone.

Glass is nonporous like soapstone, so cleaning up messes will be just as quick and effortless. Just wet a soft cloth with water, add some dish soap, swipe at the mess, and it’s gone!

You can also select from a variety of glass designs, styles, and textures through our CBD Glass team. Although glass doesn’t naturally marble like soapstone does, you can create glass that looks just like soapstone but without any talc.

Trust in Our Team at CBD Glass for Glass Countertops You’ll Love

You’d like to proceed with glass countertops. At CBD Glass, we let you customize your glass countertops for the kitchen or bathroom your way. First, you can select from the glass base color, which can be aqua blue or translucent.

Next, you can choose the shape, size, and glass thickness for your countertop. If you want the counter backpainted, that’s a unique service you can only get through CBD. We then let you select from dozens of different textures to bring out the best in your glass. Don’t forget our LED lighting, another standout feature that many of our customers opt for. Your textured glass will take on a whole new dimension when illuminated by colorful LEDs!

To begin designing your glass countertop and get your quote today, reach out to our team at CBD Glass. We can’t wait to hear from you!