Sneeze Guards on Your Glass Counter: Do You Need Them?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it, you’ve had an emphasized focus on preventing the spread of germs around your home or office. You recently got glass countertops installed in your kitchen or bathroom, and now you’re wondering if sneeze guards would be a good idea.

We’ll help you answer that question in today’s post, so let’s get started.

What Is a Sneeze Guard?

Sneeze guards also go by the name cough shields, as these guards are designed to prevent the spread of air particles caused by both sneezing and coughing. Most sneeze guards are made of acrylic, but some are glass.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, you were most likely to see sneeze guards at restaurants. Besides limiting the spread of droplets from the nose or mouth, these barriers can also prevent spit food from traveling far.

These days, you’ll spot sneeze guards just about everywhere as the world continues to get through the coronavirus pandemic. From supermarkets to schools, hair salons, offices, and any public place, sneeze guards are keeping more people safe than ever before.

You have four types of sneeze guards to choose from. Let’s go over them now.

  • Portable sneeze guards: Portable sneeze guards were designed just for COVID-19 protection. This sneeze guard can collapse when needed so it’s totable in a purse, briefcase, or backpack. You can bring your sneeze guard with you wherever you go rather than relying on a public place to have one.
  • Hanging sneeze guards: Hanging sneeze guards are plastic for safety’s sake. The guard is attached to metal chains and suspended from the ceiling. Customers or coworkers are then separated from one another by the hanging sneeze guard.
  • Cubicle sneeze guards: Made for office workers, cubicle sneeze guards can fit around a cubicle partition. For cost-saving measures, these sneeze guards are typically made of plastic.
  • Freestanding sneeze guards: The last type of sneeze guard is a freestanding one. Glass or plastic, a freestanding sneeze guard can go from server tables to conference desks and even in offices, really on any flat surface.

Should You Get a Sneeze Guard for Your Glass Counter?

Now that you know more about sneeze guards, including the different types, you’re more curious than ever if you should get one for your glass counter. If it’s just you and your immediate family at home and you know where everyone’s going (provided they leave the house at all), then a household sneeze guard probably isn’t warranted.

The exception might be if you sometimes welcome friends or family over in limited numbers and want to protect yourself.

In a commercial application, such as at an office or another workplace, we’d say a glass counter sneeze guard is a smart idea. Since counters are often social hubs, or they were in pre-pandemic days, the sneeze guard can protect fellow employees or colleagues, keeping them from spreading germs to one another and those people’s loved ones.


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