Slate vs. Glass Countertops

You’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen countertops. It’d been so long, you didn’t realize you had so many options for materials. After much, much deliberating, you’ve narrowed down your countertop options to either slate or glass. You’re stuck between the two though, so how do you choose?

In this post, we’ll examine both slate and glass as countertop materials as well as discuss the pros and cons. By the time you’re done reading, making a choice should be easy!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Slate Countertops?

We’ll begin with slate countertops, which have a smooth, polished look like marble or granite but without a price tag that’s quite as astronomical. Also, unlike marble or granite, slate is a type of nonporous material, so bacteria and other messes can’t settle in.

However, most slate surfaces, especially countertops, can be very pointy and sharp at the edges. If you have young children, you may worry about the kids hurting themselves when they wander into the kitchen to get a snack.

Although it’s possible to get the corners of a slate countertop rounded off, those corners have a tendency to become brittle. Thus, rounding the corners could put the structural integrity of your whole countertop at risk, which sounds like a not so great idea to us.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Glass Countertops?

Your other option for a countertop material is glass. Unlike slate, which can look kind of understated in some rooms, glass countertops work for nearly any space in the home, be that the kitchen, bathroom, or even the yard as part of a glass kitchen island.

Glass is also nonporous like slate, so cleaning messes is incredibly easy. You only need some dish soap and a soft cloth to wipe away fingerprints, smudges, crumbs, and other debris. If you spill a drink on the counter, glass won’t stain. You can’t say the same about slate.

You can get your glass countertop customized to your liking so if you want rounded or more squared countertop edges, it’s your choice. Even if you do go for straighter edges, these are never sharp, so you won’t have to worry about your kids possibly injuring themselves.

One downside people often associate with glass is its propensity to crack. At CBD Glass, we let our customers select every aspect of their glass accent piece, from its shape to its thickness. Whether you want a thicker slab of glass for your countertop or a thinner piece, all our glass is durable. Through regular use with care, the glass will not break.

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You’ve decided. You definitely want to jazz up your home with beautiful glass countertops. This is a wise choice! To custom-order your glass countertop, call our team at CBD Glass today. We’re a Canadian-based glass design company that offers such services as backpainting, glass texturing, and even the installation of vivid LED lights. You can customize your glass countertops to truly make them yours through CBD!