Should your Backsplash Match The Countertop?

When it comes to interior design one misstep can change the entire look and feel of your space. Making sure that your home meets your design dreams can make a big difference in how a space works and in potential resale value of your home.

glass backsplash

The Basics of Backsplashes

A backsplash is a covering on the wall that helps to protect the drywall behind the countertops, sink and stovetop in your kitchen. This element serves two purposes. It helps first and foremost to protect the drywall in your kitchen from water, food, and other things that might splash up while you are working in the kitchen. Backsplashes are something that most homes have and that are useful to both protect and to complete the design of your kitchen.

glass backsplash

Does the Backsplash have to Match?

When it comes to adding or updating your backsplash there is something to be said for a backsplash that matches the counter. For those that like things to match and like things to be monochromatic for example, a matching backsplash is a great option. This is a great option as well if you have leftover material from the countertops or if you just want everything to look very cohesive. A matching backsplash does have the potential to be boring however.

That being said, the backsplash does not have to match the counter exactly for your kitchen to still look great and to function the way you want it to. Your backsplash can be a different color, a different material, or even a different design all together and it can still look trendy and can look great. If you do choose to have a mismatch backsplash you should take the time to look at a few different options to make sure that it is going to look good and work for you.

glass backsplash

How to Design a Mismatch Backsplash

When designing a backsplash that does not match the counter you do need to consider the fact that if it is a bright color, if it has a unique pattern or design, or if it is just something that is out of the ordinary, you may get tired of it faster than if you opt for something simple and plain. More and more interior designers are creating backsplashes that are unique and different so that the space has a unique and special feel that is different from your typical kitchen.

When it comes down to it you can make your kitchen space look anyway that you want it to. You do need to keep in mind however that those that choose to put in a mismatch backsplash or to do something out there and different, it may not be to the taste of people that might purchase your home when you decide to move. You need to take the time to make a choice that makes you happy and that works for you can truly help you determine what look and feel you want for your backsplash in your kitchen space.