Should Your Backsplash be Lighter or Darker Than the Countertop?

You’ve spent weeks looking at Pinterest boards and browsing through home improvement magazines. You’ve decided you’d like a glass tile backsplash, but that’s as far as you’ve gotten.

You’re definitely stumped on what color your backsplash should be. You want it to be similar in hue to your newly renovated countertops so your kitchen looks fresh. Yet you’re not sure if the backsplash should be lighter than the counter or darker.

Allow us to help in today’s post!

The key when determining whether your backsplash should be lighter or darker than your kitchen counters is to choose the opposite of whatever hue the countertops are.

For example, let’s say your counters are very dark. If your backsplash were a dark hue as well, all it would do is blend in. That’s why you want a backsplash that’s a lighter color compared to the counter.

Take a look at this photo from a real CBD Glass customer. We installed this kitchen backsplash and they were very pleased with the results. Since their cabinetry is dark gray and the counter is black with white, the white backsplash creates a nice contrast. Your eye is guided to the backsplash, but not to the detriment of the counter or the cabinets.

Instead, everything plays nicely together.

Okay, so what if you opted for lighter-colored countertops instead? That’s fine. Rather than have your backsplash be a light shade as well, it should be darker than the counters.

This example from another happy CBD customer shows you what it could look like. The pristine white counters match the white cabinetry in this kitchen. If the backsplash was also white, that’d just be overkill.

That’s why our CBD customer requested a black backsplash. The black-and-white contrast is timeless yet modern at the same time. The kitchen looks fantastic!

Our team at CBD Glass specializes in glass accent items, counters and backsplashes included. Thus, you don’t always necessarily have to select a color for your backsplash. Some of our customers opt for a sheer glass backsplash.

This matches everything in the kitchen since translucent glass is colorless. Of course, you will see through the glass into whatever is behind it, such as a layer of wallpaper or some paint.

Ready to Plan Your Glass Kitchen Backsplash? Contact Us at CBD Glass

Now that you have a better idea of what color your glass kitchen backsplash should be, our team at CBD Glass would be happy to hear from you. We specialize in glass accent items for commercial businesses and homeowners.

Besides our glass backsplashes, our team is also highly favored for our gorgeous glass counters. If both fixtures in the kitchen were glass, you wouldn’t have to worry about one being lighter or darker than the other!

To begin planning your custom kitchen today, you can contact us by phone at 855-872-4223. If you provide current kitchen specs and a blueprint or drawing, we can draw up a quote for you!