Should the Backsplash Go Behind the Stove?

Designing your glass backsplash was the easy part. Now you have to select where in your kitchen the backsplash will go. To you, putting the backsplash behind the stove makes a lot of sense.

After all, the bulk of your kitchen messes are generated when you’re furiously stirring food on your stovetop or pulling out your latest culinary creation from the oven. To put the backsplash over the sink wouldn’t really help you.

Even still, you worry about your backsplash potentially melting from the high heat of your stovetop. Is a backsplash safe back there or is another spot better?

Your backsplash can indeed go behind the stove. Another optimal spot for the backsplash is underneath your mounted kitchen cabinets.

Essentially, wherever you do the most food prep and cooking is where your backsplash should go, within reason. These are the areas that get the messiest and could benefit from a backsplash the most.

Why did we say within reason? Well, you don’t want your backsplash to be hidden from view. If you put a backsplash near the fridge or even behind it, for example, that’s practically pointless. You’re not really going to have a lot of foodborne messes back there, nor can anyone even see the backsplash.

Okay, but won’t your backsplash melt if it’s near a heat source such as a stovetop? That’s highly, highly unlikely. Glass doesn’t melt until temperatures reach 2,600 to 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature of a stovetop is between 210 and 300 degrees.

Even if you turned every burner on your stovetop to high and even if the stove had six or eight burners, your stove is not going to generate enough heat to even start to melt glass.

There are other benefits to ordering a glass backsplash as well. Glass doesn’t stain, nor does it have pores for germs to hide in and cause illness. It also cleans very easily using only soap and water. That’s right, you don’t even need a specialty cleaner to keep your glass backsplash shining and bright.

The whole point of having a backsplash is to do less cleanup work. If you need to go out to the store to buy wood polish or metal cleaner, that sort of defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

If you’re interested in discussing your glass backsplash options, our team at CBD Glass will be glad to hear from you. We’re a Canadian-based glass accent company that customizes our pieces from the ground up, including backsplashes.

You’re free to select the color, size, and shape of your glass backsplash. We produce our glass accent pieces with several glass thickness options. Ask about our unique services as well, such as outfitting your glass backsplash with stunning LED lights or backpainting it nearly any color you’d like. We can even add texture to the glass to create dimension across your backsplash.

From tile backsplashes to single-sheet backsplashes, our team can build the backsplash of your dreams. Contact us today by phone or through the form on our website.