Should I Put Glass Over My Wood Dining Table?

You put a lot of money into your dining room table, and you’re quite pleased with your purchase. Since the day your table was delivered, you’ve used it sparingly. Yet after only a few months, you’re starting to notice that the top of the table doesn’t look quite as pristine as it did when you first bought it.

You don’t want to refrain from using the table altogether, as that defeats the purpose of having a dining table. However, you also don’t want the rest of your family contributing further to the table’s damage.

It sounds like you could benefit from adding a layer of glass atop your wooden dining table. At CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we’re a glass installation company. We specialize in customizable glass accent items for the home and commercial businesses, including items like tabletops, countertops, backsplashes, frameless shower doors, glass railings, glass wine cellars, and so much more.

glass table

Our glass tabletops are a very popular product among our customers. We only use nonporous, high-quality glass for our tabletops, which also suit office desks, console tables, end tables, and coffee tables as well as dining room tables.

No matter the material of your dining table, we can install a classy, functional glass tabletop over it so you no longer have to worry about messes accumulating on your new table.

The best part is that what your glass tabletop will look like is completely up to you. First, you’ll want to select the size and shape of your glass surface. You might have the tabletop extend to the full length of your wooden dining table, or you can have it be somewhat smaller. You don’t even need a rectangular or square-shaped glass tabletop if you don’t want. For example, you can try a circular glass surface in the middle of the table for a great statement-maker.

Next, you can choose your glass base. At CBD Glass, we offer translucent or Aqua Blue bases. The former might be more up your alley since it lets you see right through the glass so you can still appreciate your dining table underneath.

glass coffee table

You also get to select the thickness of your glass. The thicker the glass, the more of a protective barrier you get from scratches, stains, dings, and messes. If you’d like to decorate your glass so it’s more one-of-a-kind, that’s also options we give our customers here at CBD. You might choose to get the glass backpainted so it’s a unique color (or even a combination of colors), or you can select a texture so the glass has a high-quality finish that you’ll love showing off as much as you do your new dining table.

You’ll also find that cleaning the glass surface is a lot less stressful than wiping down your wooden dining table. You need some dish soap, water, and a soft cloth to clean up any spills or food residue. The mess comes right off, and your dining table is no worse for wear.