Should I Get Clear or Frosted Shower Doors?

Using a shower curtain has worked in your home for a while, but you hate how it only takes a few months before the shower liner goes moldy. You’re thinking it’s time to ditch the shower curtains for good and move to a frameless enclosed glass shower instead.

One question you have yet to answer for yourself is whether you should opt for clear or frosted shower doors. Both have their advantages, so let’s discuss them ahead so you can make up your mind!

Clear Shower Doors Pros and Cons

We’ll start with clear shower doors. The biggest benefit of translucent glass is how it has a timeless appeal. You know that with see-through shower doors that you’ll never have to worry about your bathroom looking out of date, even a few years from now.

With frameless shower doors especially, the sheer glass can make your bathroom look larger since it’s almost like your shower is floating. You can also see any grime that accumulates on the glass and clean it up right away.

You also get lots of light in your shower with clear shower doors. Be that light from a window or even your overhead bathroom lights, you never feel like you’re showering in dim lighting. That makes it easier to get all nice and squeaky clean.

The biggest downside to clear shower doors is the lack of privacy. Since these doors are translucent, anyone who’s in the bathroom can see right in the shower and the shower user can see right out.

If it’s only you and your partner at home, that’s not such a big deal, but for those with a big family, this can be a major issue.

Frosted Shower Doors Pros and Cons

Next, let’s talk about frosted shower doors. Unlike clear shower doors, which are what they are, with frosted shower doors, you have much more freedom in customization. You can opt for a lightly frosted glass that’s still semi-translucent or go fully opaque. The option is yours!

The beauty of frosted glass isn’t to be denied either. Immediately, your shower has more opulence due to the frosted glass, transforming the look of your bathroom with only one renovation.

Most importantly, frosted shower doors offer optimal privacy. If you’re in the shower and your child barges in because they need to go to the bathroom or they want your help with something, you can avoid embarrassing encounters. For big families especially then, frosted shower doors are a must.

One downside to keep in mind is that you don’t get nearly as much light in the shower stall with a frosted shower door. That said, this isn’t always the case, as semi-translucent glass won’t leave you in a dim space to bathe.

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If you’ve decided whether clear or frosted shower doors are right for you, we’re happy to help either way. Our CBD Glass staff offers countless customization options for getting your glass shower doors just the way you want them.